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Why I Give

The Meadowbrook Fund is regarded as the school’s top fundraising priority and the reliance upon philanthropic giving is a common bond shared by all independent schools since the entire cost associated with educating each student is not fully covered by tuition. Annually, the school needs to close the gap between the operating budget and the revenue generated by tuition. This is done through gifts to The Meadowbrook Fund.

Your gift supports the programs, faculty, and materials that make Meadowbrook an outstanding elementary school. Specifically, the Meadowbrook Annual Fund helps to support both individual opportunities as well as those time-honored traditions that are part of The Meadowbrook School experience.

We are grateful for the loyal support of current parents, alumni, trustees, faculty and staff, parents of alumni, grandparents, and friends. Your donation improves the quality of education each student receives and prepares the next generation of Meadowbrook graduates.


or Send a Check to 1641 Hampton Rd. Meadowbrook, PA 19046

Please support The Meadowbrook Fund and help continue Meadowbrook's unique tradition of excellence. Every gift makes a difference.

If you'd like to give to a specific program or fund something in particular, please contact Kathleen Clark.

I am a Philanthropist...

Cathy Keim will tell you, she has been at Meadowbrook for half her life. She and her family came when her daughter Laura was in third grade. All three of her children, Laura '83, Todd '86 and John '92 have graduated from Meadowbrook as well as her granddaughter Maggie '12 and grandson Will '16. She is a parent, grandparent, librarian, historian and good friend to Meadowbrook. Listen to Mrs. Keim tell her own story about why she gives to Meadowbrook.

Gratitude is the word that comes to mind when we think of the Meadowbrook School. Gratitude for the staff, faculty and amazing education that Meadowbrook provides to every child that walks through their doors from the first day of school through graduation.  

We were fortunate enough to find this gem of a school while our daughter, Morgan, was still in Nursery School. One visit and we immediately knew this was the right place for our family, or perhaps we should say our daughter knew it was the right place for her! We visited just about every school within an hour of our home. Upon arriving and touring Meadowbrook, we asked Morgan what she thought of all the schools and which was her favorite. Without hesitation, she yelled “Meadowbrook!”

The warm welcoming environment from the faculty to the dedication of every staff member is nothing short of a tremendous school experience. Each morning our daughter is so excited to go to school and this is a direct result of what the teachers pour into every student that enters their classroom. They help them learn in a safe and loving environment. The teachers see how each child learns and specializes in that.  They teach to the individual student- not just the class as a whole. Students excel when they are empowered and our teachers lay the groundwork for a successful education.   

Our gratitude goes beyond what lies inside- we choose to give financially by donating to the Meadowbrook Annual Fund which helps cover the cost of what it takes to run a private, independent school. By doing this, we want to encourage 100% participation to show support and help grow our school. We also donate financially in order to continue special programs being offered at Meadowbrook- this helps continue certain traditions that Meadowbrook has offered for the past 96 years. And last, but not least, we donate time. Whether it's volunteering at a classroom level or fundraisers put on by the Parents of Meadowbrook, ultimately, our goal is to help Meadowbrook thrive.     

Why do we choose to do this? Because Meadowbrook gives our children more than the average education. We want to give back to what has been so lovingly given to our daughter.  Meadowbrook is more than just a school- it’s a family that is dedicated to helping our children become the best people they can be inside and outside of a classroom.  



How can I be a philanthropist?

Give While Shopping!

You shop or donate, we receive - so simple! Check out School Store today.

Through Giant's Cash for Causes program, you can help support The Meadowbrook School.  All you need to do is purchase gift cards through the school.  Meadowbrook receives 5% of your gift card purchase. This is a great way to support Meadowbrook with your grocery shopping.  If you are interested in Giant gift cards, please email Kristen Haugen.

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