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Community Service

Community service has long been an integral part of the Meadowbrook School philosophy of how to teacher our children through our actions and deeds. There is no greater joy than giving to others. 2nd grades students bring food to the local food cupboard.

The spirit of helping others and giving back to the community we live in is a core element of the Meadowbrook experience.

Students at every grade level learn the value of giving of themselves for the greater good. They also learn how service benefits both those offering it as well as those receiving it.

Over the last several years, students, teachers, and parents have been involved in a variety of community service projects and activities that support the community around us.  Through these activities, our students develop an understanding of the importance of volunteering and helping others in a meaningful way.  


Some of our on-going community service programs include:

Even the youngest students can appreciate what it means to help others.

  • Over 15 years supporting a local area food bank 

  • A Community Blood Drive

  • The Soup Kitchen at the Church of the Advocate

  • US Marine’s Toys for Tots

  • The Poncho Project for the Older Adult Specialty Unit at Abington Hospital

  • Grade-specific projects with senior citizen communities in the area

  • Treats for Troops

At Meadowbrook, learning goes beyond academics.

Through our ongoing commitment to serve the broader community of which we are a part, we help our students learn that service is a part of daily living. By helping others, our students learn compassion, generosity, and empathy – lessons they will carry throughout life.

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