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Meadowbrook deliberately focuses on ages 3 through 12

…very important formative years in your child’s development and future success.

At Meadowbrook, great learning flows naturally from our emphasis on early education. We’re here for a simple, singular purpose: to create a solid academic and social foundation for young children like yours.

Here’s how Meadowbrook assures success in your child’s early education:

  • We educate the whole child - just as you would do at home. This means developing a social conscience in addition to excelling in academics, art, music, and sports.

  • We do not spend time “teaching-to-a-test” - we focus on learning.

  • All Meadowbrook students will study two languages (French and Spanish), science, art, music, library, technology, and physical education.

  • Our parents are involved and engaged, serving on the board of trustees, assisting teachers as special resources, acting helpers on trips, organizing special classroom events, and participating projects that benefit the school.

  • We cap our enrollment to keep class size small – an average of 12 students per teacher – to ensure personal, individualized attention for your child.

  • Our faculty consists of passionate and compassionate teachers with an average of 15 years’ experience.

We create a personal, warm, nurturing, family-like community of students, parents, grandparents, teachers and staff - all working together to prepare our young students for lifelong success.

A small class taught by skilled teachers is the ideal learning environment that creates a love of learning.

Our success in providing an excellent learning environment is reflected in where our students go after graduation. Meadowbrook students are sought after by all of the leading Philadelphia-area independent schools for middle school and high school.

It all adds up to an incredible learning experience for your educational investment.

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