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The Meadowbrook Way

Here at Meadowbrook, we aren’t just a school—we’re a family.  
And that means we show up for each other, no matter the situation.  
It means no one is overlooked or unnoticed. 

At Meadowbrook, we greet each day with kindness in our hearts and understanding in our minds.
We lead by example. We are ourselves. And we always tell it like it is.  

We are partners and companions, in the face of grand adventure and difficult challenge.  
We give patience, to ourselves and to each other
We work and play hard. 

We approach problems with creativity and resilience—and
we know that no problem is unsolvable. We delight in what is yet unknown. 

We meet each other where we are. We put ourselves in other’s shoes.
We embody compassion. We live with confidence and integrity—and without arrogance or ignorance.  

We know our differences are our strengths. We believe in the value of individuality. And we seek to define the gifts of others. 

We remain flexible.
We are resourceful. We hold each other accountable. 
For one another, we are roots for stability and wide open sky bringing the joy of possibility. For one another, we are home. 

Together, we are stronger. Together, we are ever-growing
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