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We know that when a family finds a home at Meadowbrook, they make our entire community stronger. We're looking for families who want their children to love learning and who deeply value the sometimes intangible skills nurtured in an environment where grades, testing, and next schools don't overshadow the delightful explorations of childhood. 

Tuition Assistance:

You can learn more about affording a Meadowbrook education here!

Tuition Schedule:

School Year  2023-2024

Grade Level Tuition 

Preschool: $18,500 

Pre-Kindergarten: $19,000

Kindergarten: $19,500 

1st grade: $24,000 

2nd grade: $24,000 

3rd grade: $24,000 

4th grade: $26,500 

5th grade: $26,500 

6th grade: $26,500  + *$500

*Graduation fee expense



Extended Day Information

(3 PM - 6 PM)






  • Presents thematic activities that are multi-age appropriate

  • Provides enriching activity choices for children

  • Promotes values of Meadowbrook School's pedagogy as part of this program

  • Provides a safe environment supervised by trained individuals

5 days a week: $3,350 annually

4 days a week: $2,800 annually

3 days a week: $2,400 annually

2 days a week: $2,000 annually

1 day a week: $1,650 annually 

drop in fee: $36 per day

after singers/ before 4pm: $25 per day

after sports &/or after 5pm: $15 per day

late pick up fee: $15 for every 10 minutes after 6pm

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