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At Meadowbrook, we call them "Specials," but they are the classes that every student from Preschool through 6th grade attends outside of his or her homeroom. Yes, at Meadowbrook, even the tiniest student attends Science class, Library, PE, Spanish, Computer class, Music, and Art on a regular basis. The class frequency and length are age-appropriate and designed with the students in mind. 


The Meadowbrook School Science program is designed to help develop students' innate curiosity about their world, acquire scientific knowledge, obtain scientific habits of mind, and to help students develop a positive attitude toward science.

In 2011, Meadowbrook introduced Engineering is Elementary (EiE) into its curriculum.  The EiE projects are designed for first through sixth grades and foster engineering and technological literacy. Using science and math content learned in class during a unit of study, the students apply the engineering process to solve a related open-ended problem.  Students use inquiry-based problem-solving skills and tap into their creativity as they design, create, test, and improve hands-on challenges.

The science program broadens students' skills for investigating the world, solving problems, and making decisions. Students develop an awareness of being an integral part of nature. They learn to respect the earth and its communities and make a commitment to preserving life on earth. The students develop specific scientific skills through observation, measurement, collection, categorization, recording, interpreting data and drawing conclusions.

Activities, experiments, demonstrations, reading, current events, observations and interactions with the materials and artifacts help explore the themes and concepts. Students use the 16 acres of school property as part of the program for field experiments. The science curriculum is also connected with other subject areas such as social studies, math and language arts.


Special Events:

Spring Science Expo: Preschool through 6th grade

Grade/curriculum specific field trips

Garden-to-table Nutrition Program

DARE Program through Abington Police Department

Summer Science Camp

Learn more about Science


Learn more about World Languages

World Languages

At Meadowbrook, we begin studying World Languages in our Early Childhood Education program and continue through 6th grade.  We believe that second language acquisition should begin at the earliest age possible when the young child's speech organs are flexible, the mind is uninhibited and imitation happens readily.


This study is designed to underscore a variety of important lessons:
  • To reinforce an understanding of our role in our global society and also the need for tolerance and understanding of others.
  • To broaden horizons and open doors to a world of new experiences and opportunities.
  • To offer the chance to communicate with people around the world and here in our local community as well as learn about other cultures.
  • To develop self-confidence while engaging others in our global community.
At The Meadowbrook School, the World Language program is a cultural adventure in which strong language skills; including listening, speaking, reading, and writing are developed through age-appropriate activities.  The overarching goal of the program is to instill a life-long love of foreign language and an early exposure that is proven to strengthen language proficiency in the future


Lower School Spanish Language Instruction:

Our Early Childhood Education program through second receives Spanish language instruction.  Our young learners develop a solid foundation in the Spanish language through a sequential immersive program.  When foreign language is introduced at an early age, the children are able to absorb the second language effortlessly and imitate the speech sounds while developing accurate pronunciation. 

Third and Fourth Grade - Introduction to French:

At this level, a second foreign language is introduced and the students meet twice a week to learn Spanish as well as French.  A thematic approach allows for the children to review and grow their skills in Spanish and learn French while making numerous cross-disciplinary connections.  There is a strong focus on communication and role-play imitating real-world situations. 

Fifth and Sixth Grade:

At this level, the students meet three times a week to learn Spanish, French, and International Studies.  The students are provided with the necessary foundation for the continued study of Spanish and French.  They are presented with the basic structure and grammar of the languages and conversational skills needed for everyday situations.  In International Studies, the students become familiar with the geography of the Spanish and French-speaking world and explore it through many cultural activities.


In a world where art is slowly disappearing from school focus, Meadowbrook understands the importance of ensuring its inclusion in our elementary program. Manipulating a paintbrush improves fine motor skills. By experimenting with different materials, students dabble in science. Creating artwork helps learners to develop problem-solving skills. Art instruction helps children with the development of motor skills, language skills, social skills, decision-making, risk-taking, and inventiveness. And, visual arts teach learners about color, layout, perspective, and balance- all techniques that are necessary for future presentations (visual, digital) of academic work.

The Meadowbrook Art curriculum is a favorite of Meadowbrook students. It is a place where you can find excitement, choices, voices, music, and smiles. And through all the sights and sounds, you'll find beautiful works of art being created by students in all grades.

Every grade works with a variety of mediums - crayons, markers, pencils, pastels, paints, and charcoal. Additionally, every student creates projects in printmaking, ceramics, and three-dimensional sculptures. Art history, social studies, and multicultural lessons are the common threads woven throughout the art program during a student’s time at Meadowbrook. Most often, lessons learned from art class are closely associated with studies from other subjects. All of the curricula are closely interwoven with classroom lessons. Hands-on activity through art is just another way to reinforce facts learned in the classroom. 

An impressive art studio encourages creativity and artistic exploration.  The school’s extensive art gallery, constantly updated with student work helps excite the students about their art. In addition to the on-campus art facilities, trips to The Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Barnes Foundation, and The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts are just some of the wonderful places Meadowbrook students experience.

Black and White Self portraits displayed in the Goldsmith-Greenfield Art Gallery

The art curriculum at the Meadowbrook School is a structured sequential program. Meadowbrook has established an inviting, exciting, and inspiring environment where students learn to be creative, seek individuality, and express their ideas through their artwork with unlimited possibilities. The art room is a place to feel free, relaxed and experimental. Students are encouraged to continue to improve their skills, their knowledge and their love of art.

So why wait until college to have the first art history course? Have it at Meadowbrook in Preschool!

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“That's the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet.”
― Jhumpa Lahiri

Accessing the 15,000+ books, reference and media materials contained in the Meadowbrook School library empowers students to learn the skills needed to find the information to answer questions they will encounter throughout their Meadowbrook career.  Books are deeply valued and cherished at Meadowbrook. The love of reading is fostered through the promotion of quality children’s literature and storytelling.  Students are introduced to classic and contemporary children's literature with the goal of developing an appreciation for fine writing and illustrations and of encouraging students to become life-long readers.  Stories and other materials are chosen to coordinate with the units of study in their classrooms throughout the year.  Students are encouraged and taught to be responsible users of media and to rely on information literacy tools.


Creativity comes alive when children are free to express it. Music is a core component of student life at Meadowbrook.  We believe each child has an innate talent that should be encouraged and nurtured. This is done through a variety of activities including singing, playing instruments, creative movement, and music appreciation.

Every child from age 3 to 6th grade has the opportunity to perform in a musical at different times during the year. In addition to musicals, we develop personal talents and music skills through participation in special ensembles and The Meadowbrook Singers – the school’s choral ensemble for 4th through 6th grades. This ensemble performs Winter & Spring Concerts as well as special programs for community organizations and events throughout the year. These experiences build confidence and a level of comfort with performing in front of others.

Music class is taught in the classroom for students Preschool through Kindergarten, and in our Music Room for students 1st through 6th grades.

Special Events:

Winter & Spring Concerts

Three plays, incorporating various grade levels

The Meadowbrook Singers events



Schools across the country provide the integration of technology in daily classroom instruction. Meadowbrook is no different. Age-appropriate technological skills are taught to age 3 through 6th-grade students.

Here, your child learns all they need to become a conscientious and aware digital citizen. Every parent, child, and faculty member in the school signs an Acceptable Use Policy. Each class is scheduled to go to the computer lab every week, where an iPad cart and 16 PCs are available for use. In addition, Kindles are assigned to each child in Kindergarten through 2nd grade and Chromebooks are assigned to students in 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade. Google Classroom is used in the 3rd through 6th grades on a regular basis.

Starting the 2022-2023 academic year, students in 3rd-6th grade will be engaging in Google's Be Internet Awesome curriculum.

Ozobots? A Hands-on Way to Teach Coding

Ozobots are tiny robots that use colored pathways to travel. Certain color combinations dictate different commands along the paths. The process of creating paths and commands for the Ozobots teaches our students the basics of coding. Different apps and programs apply! What a great way to have tons of fun and learn at the same time!

PE & Athletics

The Physical Education (PE) program at Meadowbrook has a motto:

Get Strong. Have Fun. Try Everything. Support Everyone.

To this end, we cover a vast array of sports, games, exercises and activities to foster a love of fitness and athletics.

Each grade level enjoys classic sports-focused units based on the season (soccer/golf in fall, basketball/volleyball in winter, tennis/softball in spring, to name just a few), as well as age-appropriate introductory lessons in emerging sports (lacrosse, ultimate frisbee, disc golf, etc.).

Interspersed between sports units are large-scale tag/invasion games (like Capture the Flag); cooperative activities (parachute, obstacle relays, and team challenges); strength training (calisthenics, running, yoga, dance, gymnastics, etc.); and special-guest visits (such as Metropolitan Ballet Company, Zero Gravity Jump Rope, and the Philadelphia Spin Coalition).

The emphasis is always on learning skills, developing new talents, and encouraging fellow students. That said, there are also more competitive schoolwide events revolving around Meadowbrook’s Red Team and Gray Team, such as our Red-Gray Soccer Games in the fall and our capstone Field Day at the end of the year.

Other PE traditions include annual field trips for ice skating and indoor rock climbing. We also offer interscholastic athletic programs through our 5th/6th-grade Soccer, Basketball and Softball teams that play against local private schools. Afterschool PE clubs for all ages have included Karate Club, Capoeira Club, and Juggling Club. 

Additionally, Meadowbrook families have the opportunity to participate in optional “PE Enrichment” weekend events like our popular Bike Riding Workshop, Archery, Skiing, and Parkour. For those families looking for community-building adult activities, Meadowbrook’s “PE for Parents” program has weekly pick-up basketball on Tuesday nights and monthly volleyball games. There’s fun and movement for everyone!

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