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Here at Camp Meadowbrook, we are committed to investing into the mental, emotional, and physical development of our campers. Our hands-on summer programs challenge campers to explore and learn new things while having fun. This is a time for campers to master a new skill, make memories, build new friendships, and explore through art, science, music, computer programming, and physical activities. Each program is academic based, offering age appropriate, skill building activities. Camp Meadowbrook is more than just a place away from home, but a safe and supportive environment for kids to enjoy being themselves.

If you have any questions concerning enrollment or schedule flexibility, please email us at


Little Adventurers
June 17th-August 9th
Ages 3-6

Join us for an exciting 7-week camp filled with non-stop adventures. Campers will enjoy hiking, water activities, hands-on science experiments, art, and sports. Each week campers will explore new themes followed by fun activities and adventures. Learn, grow, and explore

at Little Adventurers!

8am to 3pm full day

8am to 12:30pm half day

*You must register for at least 2 consecutive weeks of camp.*


Science Camp
June 10th-14th

Ages 7-12

Enjoy a week of exploring Science through field trips! Each day our campers will visit different science themed museums, arboretums, and farms. Students will study wildlife, fossils, and learn about environmental science. Meadowbrook Teachers and Camp Counselors will accompany campers on each trip. Camp t-shirts, backpack, and snacks are included.

Limited Space (30 campers)

Please note: There can be no refunds. Trips are subject to change based on the weather or changes made at the designated trip location.

Campers MUST bring a lunch each day.

Snacks provided.


CSI Camp
June 17th-21st

Ages 7-13

STEM principles relating to forensics and solving crime scenes are explored in
our Level I and Level II classes. The presentation, labs, and exercises will cover
the following topics: take, identify, and collect fingerprints; identify an unknown power; chromatography; cast footprints; DNA; use trigonometry to define bullet trajectory; and crime scene processing. Current or former law enforcement detectives will
be teaching this class.


Dance Camp
June 17th-June 21st
Ages 6-12

It's time to dance! Grab your dance shoes and join us for a week of jazz, ballet and modern dance. Our summer Dance camp is packed with exciting opportunities for every type of dance, no experience required. Come learn and have fun with us this week. Let's dance! Hosted by professional dance instructors from The Pointe Dance Studio.


Coding Camp
July 15th-July 19th
Ages 7-12

Unleash your creativity with Scratch, a fun drag-and drop coding tool. Learn coding basics like loops and variables if you're new, or explore advanced concepts like functions and game physics if you're returning. Build exciting games, animations, and story projects, like the Pokémon Flyer  


Art Camp
June 24th-June 28th

s 7-12

Each day campers will explore art by creating something new each day. Using their creativity and imagination, they will design mosaic stepping stones, personalized glowing canvases, tie-dye weaving pieces,  and watercolor paintings. Campers will learn about the styles of famous artists that shaped the world of art today. Each item our campers make can be taken home.


Drama Camp
July 8th-July 12th
Ages 7-12

Lights, camera, action!

Join Mrs. Provost at Drama camp this summer, where campers will learn a variety of theatre-based activities such as screenplay, scene analysis, wardrobe, and performance. Campers will build confidence and develop memory skills as they dive into character.


Lacrosse Camp
July 15th-July 19th
Ages 7-12

Lacrosse at Camp Meadowbrook is a great program for kids that have never played lacrosse but want to learn about the game. This beginning level camp is designed to teach campers development skills, lacrosse IQ, and speed & agility. The fun and fast pace game of lacrosse will keep the kids moving all day with stick skills and small games like setting.  By the end of the program, campers will have a better understanding of the game and gain perspective on what it takes to play at the next level. This program is open to

boys and girls.


Writing Camp
July 22nd-July26th
Ages 7-12


Join Mrs. Kelly Mosteller & Ms. Arlene Bowler, two of our amazing Meadowbrook teachers, for a week of poetry and creative story writing. Throughout the week our campers will enjoy a variety of activities that make spelling and grammar fun through outdoor writing ventures and a field trip at the end of the week!

Logos and such for FYI (13).jpg

Basketball Camp
July 29th-August 1st

Ages 7-14

This specialized camp will give you the drills and instruction you need to become a confident shooter who stands out on your team. Go into next season with better mechanics and more confidence in your shot during games. These are the secrets perfected by professional players that we work with and now they will be yours at our upcoming shooting camp this summer. Hosted by ProBound Training.


Cooking Camp
August 12th-August 16th
Ages 7-12

Learn new recipes this summer at the Meadowbrook Culinary Camp! Join us for 5 fun filled days of cooking. At the Meadowbrook Culinary Camp, we’ll help take the mystery out of cooking by starting with the basics. Campers will learn and practice cooking skills to foster creativity and independence in the kitchen. We’ll share ideas and recipes, work with our hands and craft something delicious from scratch. On the final day of camp, we’ll take everything we learned and share it with someone special by inviting them to a “Grand Buffet." There’s no better reward than a smiling face, and a full stomach.


Sports & Fitness Camp
August 5th-August 9th
Ages 7-12

It's time for the kids to get outside and have some fun this summer! Join us for a week of learning the basics in a variety of sports such as soccer, flag football, basketball, disc golf and Kin Ball. Campers will also have the opportunity to have fun with our dance fitness class, hiking and team building games.

Hosted by Scholar Athlete Advantage.


Art Camp "Let's Resin!"

August 12th-August 16th
Ages 7-12

Objective: Each camper will create and be able to take home a custom resin letter by the end of camp while also learning about the cool chemistry component that is associated with resin. Campers will pour one layer of resin each day and customize their letter by choosing its color and adding meaningful keepsakes or trinkets that are brought in from home. 

Campers must bring lunch.


Pay with Venmo

Please put your child's name and "Summer Camp" in payment description. Thank you!

-Refund Policy-

If you withdraw your child from camp, a refund will be applied according to the dates listed below. 

  • 100% refund until March 15th

  • 50% refund until April 15th

After these deadlines, all funds are non-refundable.

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