Bringing Life to Learning

At Meadowbrook, we focus on nurturing that human element first and foremost.

We know that if our children learn to thoughtfully engage with life, everything else naturally follows. 

  The early years of your child's life form the core of who they become as a thinker, learner, citizen, and most of all, as a human being. As an intentional Private Elementary community, focusing only on ages three to sixth grade, we respect childhood and the unique opportunities these pivotal years bring. We're not concentrating on high schools, colleges, or careers just yet. Instead, we encourage our students to experiment, learn, and discover, knowing they will be supported and uplifted every step of the way by people who care. Most of all, we want each child to know the joyful exuberance of being a kid.
 Where your child goes to school won't determine if they're happy and successful in life. But who they are and how they manage and overcome challenges, think through problems, and confidently assert themselves will.

And at Meadowbrook, that's what we're all about.


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