Why I Give

Karin and Andrew Pitcairn

Gratitude is the word that comes to mind when we think of the Meadowbrook School. Gratitude for the staff, faculty and amazing education that Meadowbrook provides to every child that walks through their doors from the first day of school through graduation.  

We were fortunate enough to find this gem of a school while our daughter, Morgan, was still in Nursery School. One visit and we immediately knew this was the right place for our family, or perhaps we should say our daughter knew it was the right place for her! We visited just about every school within an hour of our home. Upon arriving and touring Meadowbrook, we asked Morgan what she thought of all the schools and which was her favorite. Without hesitation she yelled “Meadowbrook!”

The warm welcoming environment from the faculty to the dedication of every staff member is nothing short of a tremendous school experience. Each morning our daughter is so excited to go to school and this is a direct result of what the teachers pour into every student that enters their classroom. They help them learn in a safe and loving environment. The teachers see how each child learns and specializes on that.  They teach to the individual student- not just the class as a whole. Students excel when they are empowered and our teachers lay the groundwork for a successful education.   

Our gratitude goes beyond what lies inside- we choose to give financially by donating to the Meadowbrook Annual Fund which helps cover the cost of what it takes to run a private, independent school. By doing this, we want to encourage 100% participation to show support and help grow our school. We also donate financially in order to continue special programs being offered at Meadowbrook- this helps continue certain traditions that Meadowbrook has offered for the past 96 years. And last, but not least, we donate time. Whether it's volunteering at a classroom level or fundraisers put on by the Parents of Meadowbrook, ultimately, our goal is to help Meadowbrook thrive.     

Why do we choose to do this? Because Meadowbrook gives our children more than the average education. We want to give back to what has been so lovingly given to our daughter.  Meadowbrook is more than just a school- it’s a family that is dedicated to helping our children become the best people they can be inside and outside of a classroom.  

Sheila and Kevin Hudson

"I love you more than Meadowbrook Daddy -- and that's a lot."
This is what Sierra said one evening while getting ready for bed early in her third year at Meadowbrook.  
We were just happy that “Daddy” came out on top.  We weren’t sure at the time because she really loved going to school. Imagine your Second Grader loving school that much.  

We are now in our seventh year at Meadowbrook and Sierra is in the Sixth Grade.  Her love for the school has grown even stronger.  But it is not just her – we see it every day in her classmates and all the other students at Meadowbrook.  We know you see it too… happy smiling faces… children having fun learning and growing.  That is why you probably chose Meadowbrook in the first place.   

We realized in those first couple of years that Meadowbrook was truly a special place.  There was something about Meadowbrook that set it apart – something that made children grow and blossom yet still be children.  Everyone knows your child’s name. Not only do they know their name, they know who they are, what they are like, and what brings a smile to their face.  That is really rare.  That is really special.  That is why we knew early on that it was the right thing to do to support the school by donating to the Annual Fund.

We know that annual tuition dollars only cover about 80% of the school’s cost each year.  We also know that without annual giving, Meadowbrook would not be able to continue to operate and deliver the high quality education it does year in and year out.  Those are the facts – the logical reasons.

But that is not why we give.  We have given each year because we know it is the right thing to do.  We give because we see the children skipping or walking in the door each morning with big smiles on their faces and an eager look in their eyes.  We give because we feel the friendship and warmth of the Meadowbrook community that extends to all… to those who have been there for years like us and to those who have just started their first year.  We give because we know Meadowbrook is a very special place that gives so much to our children.  We give because we know that whether it is $10, $100 or $1,000, it is important for the whole Meadowbrook community to support the Annual Fund.   

Sierra doesn’t skip in the door as much or hold our hand these days.  A Sixth Grader holding her Mom or Dad’s hand?  Perish the thought.  But the smile is still on her face and an eagerness is still in her step.  She wants to be at Meadowbrook.  She loves being at Meadowbrook.  That is why we give… because our hearts tell us it is the right thing to do.