Portrait of a Meadowbrook Graduate

We take an intentionally scaffolded and interwoven approach to learning at Meadowbrook.


Beginning at age three, your child constructs and connects with a deep understanding of their world.  Not by memorizing facts or dates, but by living out their lessons.

We know that content is only one piece of learning. Because of this, each year of your child's Meadowbrook journey is as important and integral as the one before. 

By the time your child graduates from Meadowbrook, they will have grown their own vegetables and fruits from seed and eaten them, mastered the interworkings of the postal service, binary coding, and sheet music, given several persuasive presentations, and prototyped at least one invention.

Your child will have helped a kindergartner learn to ice skate on a cold Friday in January, explained Darwin's Theory of Evolution in their own words, recited the Gettysburg Address from memory in the very spot President Lincoln once did, and read two full novels written in Spanish and French. 

They will know how to balance the needs of others with their own.  How to serve and how to lead.  Your child will know their mind and speak it.  And just as easily, listen intently and actively.  They will hold a room and a conversation. 

At Meadowbrook, these dynamic skills become second nature for your child. They'll be ready for every new challenge and any next school. But at this age, that's not our only focus. After sixth grade, your child can go anywhere.  But will he know himself?  Will she believe in herself?  Will they share their joy with others?

These are the most important lessons your child can learn at Meadowbrook and that's why we've been guiding them toward that knowledge all along.