Parent Community (POM)

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The Parents of Meadowbrook, or POM for short, is the parent organization of The Meadowbrook School. As a parent of an enrolled student(s) you are automatically a member of POM. POM is a collaborative organization of parents and The Meadowbrook School, whose goal is to build a sense of community through engagement and fundraising activities to further the school’s mission of ‘Bringing Life to Learning.” 

POM sponsors a variety of fundraisers and other programing throughout the year, as well as the School Store and we are always in need of parent volunteers. Even if you only have a few hours to spare, you can help POM’s goal of supporting Meadowbrook’s kids. There are opportunities for every schedule and interest. 

POM holds meetings once a month, so please keep an eye out for meeting announcements in the Meadowbrook FYI or emails from POM, we would love to have you join us. Any questions, concerns, or to volunteer please reach out to us directly at POM@themeadowbrookschool.orgAll proceeds from POM programming and the school store sales go directly to the Meadowbrook School’s student body or it’s faculty’s needs. We require all of our parent volunteers to obtain safety clearances. For more information on what we require, click HERE>>.  To obtain clearances, please visit this website.

2021-22 POM Executive Committee

Kisha Barnwell - President*

Stacey Harp - Vice President*

Stephanie Jarema - Treasurer

Lea Rahman - Secretary

*Stacey and Kisha will be heading up the school store for 2021-2022
Please reach out to any of the above parents to see how you can help at up-coming POM events.


Top Ten Reasons to Become a Room Parent

#10: Receive complimentary Rest Room Tours of all of Philadelphia’s finest cultural institutions.

# 9: Build up your tolerance for viruses as you wipe little noses and fend off sneeze-propelled airborne particles.

# 8: Test your knowledge of Pennsylvania and immigration facts.

# 7: Experience first-hand the skillful ways that our Meadowbrook teachers tame chaos, instill hope, and imprint knowledge upon the developing brains of our students.

# 6: Relive the joys of riding on a school bus with no air conditioning while bouncing down the potholed streets of Philadelphia, taking the “scenic route” to avoid traffic.

# 5: Discover the artist inside you as you cut, paste, crayon, marker, paint, hot glue gun, saw, nail, and weld a prototype for the “really easy” Halloween craft idea that you found on the internet.

# 4: Develop sympathy for anyone that chooses photography as a career as you attempt to get one – just one – class field trip picture with every child having at least one body part in the picture (faces optional).

# 3: Relish the opportunity to make two or more people lose sleep trying to decide and complete the class’ Silent Auction donation.

# 2: Belt out all the oldies-but-goodies as you participate in gleeful bus sing-a-longs (and remember that the kids are on to you – they know that you stole the cookie from the cookie jar).

# 1: Delight in the opportunity to spend time with your child, and hear him/her say, “Thank you for doing this for me!”

If you are interested in becoming a room parent, please contact our Room Parent Coordinator. A written request must be made even if you’ve previously been a room parent.