Third Grade

Third grade is a special time in a Meadowbrook student's life when learning is not restricted to the book but is made to come alive in new and interesting ways. 3rd grade is full of activities that utilize learning outside of the classroom. Throughout the year, we take many trips to enhance each unit of study. Some examples are a trip to Pennsbury Manor to visit the home of William Penn and traveling to the city of Philadelphia as part of our Pennsylvania unit.


Year at a Glance:

ELA: The focus of the 3rd-grade language arts curriculum is to create a classroom of community readers and writers. We continue to develop an appreciation of various authors' works, styles of writing, and genres of literature and apply these words effectively in both written and oral contexts. Students learn how to apply skills such as in-depth character understanding and development of plot through the study of short stories and novels. In order to further their level of comprehension, students learn to identify themes, problems and solutions, main ideas, and drawing conclusions. Students will develop greater fluency and increase their motivation to read. Written language skills are practiced and refined as the students write predictions, dialogues between characters, and sequels to stories. Students learn to express themselves freely through various journals, letter-writing, and poetry-writing exercises. In order to continue the development of their confidence in speaking publicly, students practice various oral presentation techniques such as storytelling, poetry reading, and description of personal experiences. Throughout the year, students have multiple opportunities to speak in front of small groups and school-wide assemblies.

Third grade uses the Fountas & Pinnell literacy program designed to support whole-group, small-group and independent learning opportunities including: interactive read-aloud; reading mini-lessons; writing mini-lessons; shared reading; phonics, spelling, and word study; guided reading; book clubs; and independent reading collections.  Fountas & Pinnell Classroom™ is rich with authentic texts, lessons or conferring cards, minilessons and professional learning tools for a systematic, transformative approach to literacy instruction.

Math: The Meadowbrook School uses the GoMath series Kindergarten through Sixth Grade. The 3rd-grade math curriculum stresses the belief that math is a skill used every day. To emphasize this, math is taught in a real-life manner using manipulative and genuine examples from the world in which we live. This approach enables students to see math as more than merely a content area but as a key to solving problems in their daily lives.

Social Studies: The 3rd-grade curriculum is divided into two major themes: the State of Pennsylvania and the importance of friendship. These themes are intertwined throughout the year with the language arts programs to provide an integrated language arts-social studies curriculum.

Traditions & Special Events:

Redeemer Village Buddies

Inter-generational Pen Pals

Second Grade Buddies