Sixth Grade

and so much more....

We regard our 6th graders as special individuals who have grown to become our leaders and are now about to embark on the next stage of their journey.  As leaders of our community, the 6th graders have many responsibilities such as creating the Meadowbrook School Yearbook, teaching and establishing close ties with their younger buddies, participating in community outreach programs, assisting younger students during ice-skating sessions, and leading school assemblies and special events. The journey through 6th grade provides a smooth transition from an elementary school environment to that of middle school.


Language Arts

The 6th grade language arts program builds on the skills learned in previous years. We continue to develop the students' reading skill while encouraging an interest in good literature. Emphasis is given to the students' ability to communicate effectively and confidently in both spoken and written form. We reinforce that language arts is an enabling skill that traverses all disciplines and translates into meaningful personal and academic outcomes.



Students explore science fiction, mystery, biography, adventure, comedy, historical fiction, classical Greek mythology, and fantasy. As in previous years, students read, analyze and discuss a variety of novels, poems, and stories to practice strategies that enhance comprehension skills.  By reading stories independently and completing novel projects, students' reading skills are enhanced. Students are encouraged to select their method of presentation from a variety of creative choices.



The 6th grade writing program focuses on expository and imaginative writing.  Students develop their style of writing through journals, letters, autobiographies, reminiscences, and diaries.  As in the 5th grade program, students continue to develop their skills in expository and imaginative writing. Students also engage in essay writing, focusing on elements such as character assessment, comparison and contrast, and opinion statements.  Writing exercises include creating a narrative set in a specific historical time or a piece of literature being studied in reading.



6th grade mathematics involves a variety of instructional approaches which allow students multiple opportunities to gather, analyze and apply information in solving problems. Students are exposed to a variety of problem-solving strategies.  In these exercises, students must choose the appropriate methods of computation and be able to communicate the rationale for the mathematical choices they make. 


Social Studies

In 6th grade, students develop an understanding of human interaction and communication through an emphasis on history, citizenship, and geography. Students learn the impact of different cultures and civilizations at different times throughout history. Their classroom travels will take them back to Mesopotamia, Egypt, through the classical cultures of Greece & Rome, and finally end in the Medieval Times. They learn about cultural similarities and differences as well as historical unifying themes. Sixth graders come to understand that history is the study of human past with chronological sequences, continuity and change, multiple causes and effects, and changing interpretations of the past.

Other Fun Activities:

Trip to New York City

Sparta vs. Athens Debate

Medieval Festival

Hobby Show

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