What makes The Meadowbrook School great?

See how our parents answered in the Hipster Henry survey below:

Academic strength

Social strengths

Feel of the school

Love of learning

Value of the soft skills

Overall student life

Outstanding Faculty

"Amazing teachers who are extremely supportive of the students. All students are met where they are and receive the level of challenge and support appropriate for him or her. Academics are challenging and engaging. Fantastic beyond-the-classroom educational experiences."

"Nurturing teachers provide academic challenges that meet the needs of individual students. There is no need to worry that an academically gifted student will be held back by slower-moving students in a diverse classroom."



"Small class sizes, strong academic focus with foreign language, math and science, and a community feel."


 "We LOVE this school! Strong academic program with a very warm and loving environment that fosters the whole child."


"I love the family atmosphere. I love that my child speaks of Meadowbrook as her home away from home and I love how the teachers care about her as an individual and cater to her as a student instead of making her conform to an expectation"

"Meadowbrook is a community that instills confidence, independent thinking, responsibility, academic achievement, and most of all leadership.  The kids look out for each other, older kids mentoring younger kids.  It's an atmosphere that is positive and kind."

"Meadowbrook is a fantastic school. The teachers are caring and dedicated and my child has learned so much since attending this school. The curriculum is fun and engaging and really challenges my child. The entire staff is approachable and willing to help. The family atmosphere here is great. I'm glad my son attends this school. If you are looking for a great school, that is safe and really cares about the kids, look no further, come to Meadowbrook!!"

"My children LOVE going to school every single day.  The atmosphere is warm, familiar and happy.  The teachers are passionate, caring, and dedicated."


"Smaller class sizes. Great school lunch program that allows children to eat 'family style with older students being given a chance to be 'waiters' and help serve the younger students."

"The outdoors feel of the school, very supportive staff. The highly engaged teachers and head of school."

"The school is catered for K-6. They develop a sense of community and family for the little guys. For example, the entire school eats lunch together, sitting at assigned seats and then periodically rotating to sit with new kids. They want all the kids to know each other.  It develops familiarity and comfort. They have the older kids mentor the younger ones, teaching leadership and also continuing their goal of having all the kids know each other so they feel like they're in a safe family setting.  Each Friday they have an assembly where kids can sign up to perform a talent they have in front of the school.  Another great thing is the commitment of the teachers and staff to the kids.  The headmaster is terrific. He communicates and is responsive to parents when they reach out to him.  Our daughter was transferring in from another school so this was her first time changing schools and being in a class with kids she didn't know.  Her new teacher made herself available over the summer."

 "Best combination of academic enrichment, social inclusion, and character development around. Faculty and facilities are great."


Recent research has shown that when the joy and comfort are taken out of the classroom and replaced with homogeneity – when spontaneity is replaced with conformity – students learn less effectively than when they are having fun. Making the connections – the “aha” moments – are more likely to occur in an atmosphere of “exuberant discovery” – where students of all ages have a kindergarten like excitement of embracing the joy of learning each day. 

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