Why Meadowbrook?


At Meadowbrook, birthdays are a special celebration.

At Meadowbrook, we know that academics are important, but we also strive to build upon who your child becomes as a citizen and thinker. Our curriculum challenges, and stimulates young minds while providing support and encouragement to make sure all of our students succeed and flourish. Through our hands-on curriculum, our students not only learn about the world around them but experience it.

For 100 years, we have been an intentionally elementary community. We have created an environment where learning is personal – where each student develops self-confidence, leadership, and individual responsibility. And through our small class sizes, we have the ability to cater to the various learning styles of each of our students.

Meadowbrook is a place where everybody knows everybody, where no student’s unique talents are left unnoticed, and nobody is overlooked. That is why, for over 100 years, thousands of families have called Meadowbrook, “home."