Small by Design

Discover Meadowbrook – where everybody will know your name.

Bigger is not necessarily better. The Meadowbrook School is – and always has been – small by design. Since 1919, Meadowbrook has valued our many small-school advantages.

As a parent, you’ll be happy to know your child will be welcomed each day with open arms and warm, genuine smiles.
Unlike larger schools that may be less personal, your child will become a visible part of the community from the very first day. No one gets lost in the crowd here.

Children develop meaningful relationships with schoolmates and faculty throughout the school. Everyone on campus will quickly know your child by name.

Meadowbrook combines a strong, exciting academic program with a kind and inclusive community. We pride ourselves on nurturing children’s self-confidence in a supportive and comfortable environment.

Small by design also has many academic advantages. Meadowbrook’s class sizes continue to be below the average of both Pennsylvania public elementary schools and Pennsylvania independent schools. Smaller classes ensure each child receives the individualized attention that promotes learning and future success.

We make your child’s education personal.