Small by Design

There's strength in (smaller) numberssmallbydesign1.22

No other school can know your child like Meadowbrook.

For over 100 years, we've been purposefully scaled so that no one in the Meadowbrook family goes overlooked or unnoticed.  Because of our intimate size, our nurturing culture enfolds your child and builds them up-meaning everyone, yes everyone, gets to know your child and works with them to define their gifts. 

And everyone counts

At Meadowbrook, we celebrate the fact that our differences are poignant contributions.  Our school family is one of the multilayered diversity-in talent and interest, culture, race, and ethnicity, and in learning styles.  Here, your child partners closely with others viewpoints, too.  And because of our intimate size, we engage with conflict resolution in a uniquely thoughtful way when the need arises.  By graduation, our students cultivate the ability to approach and situations from a place of more holistic understanding and authentic empathy.