Board of Trustees

The Meadowbrook School is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). Accordingly, the board of trustees follows the NAIS Principles of Good Practice for Independent Trustees. The board sets policy and focuses on long-range and strategic issues. An individual trustee does not become involved directly in specific management, personnel, or curricular issues of the school. The trustee takes care to separate the interests of the school from the specific needs of a particular child or constituency and each contributes to the development program of the school, including strategic planning for development, financial support, and active involvement in annual and capital giving.



Brian Sweigard

Vice President
Alicia Kent

Jennifer DeMasi

Christopher Schubert

Board Members

Frank Blumenthal
Geordie Brackin '91
Jeff Franz
Rodrigo Gamarra
Clifford P. Haugen
Cathy Keim
Shane Kinsella
James Pierce
Andrew Pitcairn
Marlene Sidhu
Dawn Zapotok

Michael J. Reardon – Head of School