Our Students

What would your children say about their school? We asked ours.....here is what they had to say.

 “Meadowbrook is like a second home to me.  It’s my family.” -5th Grader

“I love making projects and reading with my 6th grade buddy.” -Pre-Kindergartner

“Meadowbrook is great because we get to use our imagination.” -5th Grader

“I love Meadowbrook because we have the best teachers here." -3rd Grader

“I love it here because everyone is so caring.  You can make so many friends in a heartbeat.” -6th Grader

 “I love Meadowbrook because of how supportive it is.” -5th Grader

“Meadowbrook is where everybody has a buddy." -1st Grader

 “I love all the great projects and events we have.” -4th Grader

“I love our community service and how we help others.” -6th Grader

“The teachers are wonderful and have the ability to make you feel like you are in a family.  They make it fun.” -5th Grader

“I love Meadowbrook because I make new friends every year.” -2nd Grader