November 2020 Update

A Message from the Head of School

Health and Safety 2020-2021

November Update

Meadowbrook Parents,

As you may know, the Department of Health is holding a meeting later today to determine the best course of action to curb the recent increase in positive COVID cases in our area. From what I’ve been told so far, the belief is that Halloween parties are responsible for the recent surge. My assumption is that contact tracing led health officials to that conclusion. Needless to say, the County Commissioner fears gatherings around Thanksgiving will only make this pandemic worse. To reduce the possibility of further spread and to lessen potentially overwhelming hospitals, I am under the impression there will be a mandate to close schools for approximately 2 weeks...starting around Thanksgiving.

I have made my concerns about this outcome known to the appropriate authorities. I have tried to advocate for the children - especially the young ones - who do not have a voice in this matter. Ultimately, we will do our best to continue instruction through MeadowbrookVirtual, if that’s what is required. As soon as Montgomery County shares results from their meeting with me, I will pass along the School’s plan.

It should go without saying, that I hope you consider the safest alternatives around celebrating not only Thanksgiving but the upcoming holiday season, too. Clearly, the choices we make as a community have an impact on our daily lives. If nothing else, our ability to offer in-person instruction at Meadowbrook is compromised by factors beyond our control. I am so happy with how far we’ve come and think the students have done a remarkable job adjusting to this new environment. I’m feeling sad for everyone, but mostly the kids, if their educational and social experience gets disrupted once again. Hopefully, this County conversation just triggers a serious reminder of the magnitude of the coronavirus. Although, it would be remiss of me to not recommend that you prepare yourself now for the worst-case scenario ahead.


Michael J. Reardon
Head of School