December 2020 Update Return to School


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Dear Parents,

It is so nice to have your child(ren) back on campus. We are excited to resume in-person instruction. We anticipate things continuing like this for the foreseeable future; however, there are a couple of issues that could change this situation. First, the State or County could always close us down if we become a "work" environment with a high percentage of positive cases. Second, another spike in positive cases in our area could lead to another "pause" in operation (for Meadowbrook and other schools/businesses). The latter is out of our control. In fact, each situation is beyond our control, but the prior is something we can work to avoid as much as possible.

In order for us to be allowed to teach students on campus, we still need your ongoing cooperation. So far, you have done an excellent job completing the daily screening and keeping children home when they are under-the-weather. Even though it is often just a stomach bug or a common cold, erring on the side of caution is necessary.

As I've shared in previous messages, it is my desire for Meadowbrook to advance our mission in-person whenever possible. The updated guidance from the PA DOH seems to ease up quarantine protocols, but they certainly can't emphasize enough the importance of mitigating the spread. It is going to take a concerted effort by everyone to navigate this pandemic. On behalf of the faculty and staff, we really appreciate your flexibility, cooperation, and understanding.

Stay safe and warm,

Michael J. Reardon
Head of School