Affording a Meadowbrook Education

Find out what your family's price would be. Meadowbrook tuition is flexible and our Finance Committee works with families' individual circumstances to help them to afford a Meadowbrook education. 

The first step is to apply to Meadowbrook and set-up a time to visit. After your child has been accepted, you should submit your financial information to SSS in order to have a personalized tuition price determined by Meadowbrook's Finance Committee. You may be offered a flexible tuition plan along with a new "continuous" enrollment agreement in order to help you understand your expected financial investment for your child's education at Meadowbrook.  

Tuition Assistance is a need-based discount program similar to those used by many private schools, colleges, and universities. This program allows families to apply for reduced tuition that is right for their financial situation. Thus, making a Meadowbrook education affordable to many qualified students who could not otherwise join our school community.

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How does Tuition Assistance work?

Any family (current or new) of a Preschool through 6th-grade student may apply for Variable Tuition if they are concerned about affording the full tuition rate at The Meadowbrook School. Many factors are considered when determining the tuition amount a family is able to pay, including income, assets, unusual expenses, and the size of the family. The resources available for the family in a given year must also be considered in light of the Variable Tuition discount available at Meadowbrook. An application for Variable Tuition does not affect your re-enrollment or admission process. Regardless of financial need, parents should initiate the re-enrollment or admission process as early as possible. Families may apply for Variable Tuition only after they have applied for re-enrollment or admission to Meadowbrook.

It is not possible for a family or the school to estimate the tuition level for which a family qualifies without the completion of a Variable Tuition application. Applications are submitted directly to SSS (School and Student Services), a third-party agency. SSS evaluates the application based on criteria set by the school and makes a recommendation to the school’s Finance Committee. Families are notified of the tuition level for which they qualify from the school’s Admissions Office.

Unfortunately, Meadowbrook is not able to provide Variable Tuition to every deserving student. We work within the available resources to make the school accessible to as many students and families within our budget, as possible.

Should every new Meadowbrook School family submit an application for Tuition Assistance?

No. Only families who feel that they may not be able to pay full tuition should submit an application.

Do I need to apply for Tuition Assistance every year?

Yes. A new application must be submitted every year. Tuition assistance is not guaranteed in subsequent years. However, the finance committee will work with parents who have followed the guidelines and submitted the necessary information in a timely fashion. 

If I do not qualify for the program this year, can I apply again next year?

Yes. A family that does not qualify is welcome to reapply the following year.

Do I need to apply for Admission separately from applying for Tuition Assistance?

Yes. For new students, application to The Meadowbrook School and application for Tuition Assistance are two separate processes. However, new families may complete both application processes simultaneously.

Will applying for financial assistance hurt my student's chance of being admitted to the school?

No. Admission applications and Tuition Assistance applications are evaluated separately, and an application for Tuition Assistance has no bearing on the admission process.

Are some families awarded full tuition?

No. Every family is required to make a financial investment in their child’s education. Our commitment to providing Variable Tuition means that we are sharing in that investment with you.

What kind of an economic situation is typical of a family who qualifies for Tuition Assistance?

A wide range of families with a variety of circumstances qualifies for the program. Many factors are evaluated, including income, assets, unusual expenses, and the size of the family.

Are all admitted students offered Tuition Assistance if the family qualifies?

No. Unfortunately, the school does not have the ability to offer Tuition Assistance to every student who qualifies for both admission and Tuition Assistance. A student may be admitted to the school but placed on a waiting list for Variable Tuition. It is recommended that families apply for Tuition Assistance as early as possible.

Will Tuition Assistance lead to larger classes?

No. The Administration has established maximum class sizes that cannot be surpassed.

Who should I contact about Tuition Assistance?

Questions should be directed to:

Marissa R. Miller, Director of Admissions

How do I apply?

The general process for applying for Tuition Assistance is as follows:

  1. Parents must fill out an application for admission to The Meadowbrook School or re-enroll their current student before applying for Variable Tuition.
  2. Parents must fill out and submit a separate variable tuition application with a 3rd party company, (SSS).
  3. In addition to the Variable Tuition application, parents must also submit a copy of Federal and State Tax returns and the W-2 Earnings Summary for the past tax year directly to the Business Office.
  4. A Visa or MasterCard must be used to pay the application fee.