Visit & Apply

Thank you for your interest in the Meadowbrook School for your child.  The Meadowbrook School Admissions team is available to work with you. Please contact our Director of Admissions, Marissa R. Miller, at or at 215-884-3238 (extension 128), to set up a tour of our campus.


Step 1:  Express Interest
If you are interested in learning more about the Meadowbrook School, please fill out an inquiry form here.

Step 2:  Come Visit Our School

Our campus is open. We are currently offering in-person during the school day between the hours of 9am and 1:30pm. To schedule your tour, please contact Director of Admissions, Marissa Rohner Miller '04 at We look forward to hearing from you!

 Step 3:  Complete Your Child’s Application

After visiting Meadowbrook’s campus, you should complete your child’s application and have your child's current teacher fill out a Recommendation Form and send it to The Meadowbrook School. 

The application for admission is available here.
You can pay the $50 application fee by credit card over the phone, cash, or check made to The Meadowbrook School.

For entry into Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten use the PK-K-Teacher Recommendation Form

For entry into 1st through 6th grade use the  1st-6th Teacher Recommendation Form

Once completed, the application can be emailed to our Admissions team.

After submitting the application, we will assist in gathering the required additional components to complete the applicant’s file for review.  If your student's birthdate is later than the September 1st cut-off date, additional visiting days may be required. Report cards and other testing may be requested by the Admissions team.

Step 4:  Schedule a Visit for Your Child
After we receive your application, we invite your child to experience what a day is like at The Meadowbrook School.  When it is timely and appropriate, prospective students will be invited to Meadowbrook for a classroom visit. 

This visit gives your child an opportunity to participate fully in our classes and interact with their peer group.  An Admission staff member will contact you to set up a morning or day visit for your child with his or her current peer group. The length of the visit is determined by grade-level.

            a. Preschool: Your child comes to the current Preschool class with a parent and visits/observes for an hour during circle time and free play. For immediate placement in the class during the school year, your child may be asked to spend a morning with Preschool from 8:20am – 12:15pm. We do require preschool students to be potty trained prior to their start at The Meadowbrook School.

            b. Pre-K – Kindergarten: Your child comes for a half-day visit from  8:20am – 12:15pm. They will be provided with a snack.

            c. 1st – 6th Grades: Your child comes for a one to two-day visit from 8:20am – 2:30pm and will be provided with both a snack and lunch.

During visits for grades Pre-K through 6th grade, a brief academic assessment is performed.

Step 5:  Receive Admissions Decision and Enroll Your Child

After your child's school visit, families will be notified as soon as possible with an admission decision.  In addition to a phone call, a formal letter of acceptance will be sent. 

Enrollment agreements are included with the acceptance letter, and parents are asked to follow the directions and dates in order to complete the enrollment process.

Meadowbrook follows a Rolling Admissions process, so we continue to accept applications throughout the year, providing space is available.  If there is no space in the grade to which you are applying, you will be placed on a waiting list. 

The Admissions Team is always available to assist with any questions, so please do not hesitate to e-mail us or call us at 215-884-3238  (extension 128).

Thank you for your interest in Meadowbrook for your child!


The Meadowbrook School does not discriminate in the admission process on the basis of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or familial affiliation.