Fifth Grade

Fifth grade at Meadowbrook is a year that offers a fulfilling academic experience with ample opportunities for individual creative expression and enrichment augmented by guest speakers, field trips, activities and special events that bring the curriculum to life.  Through an integrated curriculum, our 5th graders see that subjects are connected. Stories, poems, essays, skits, and diaries are written on various themes from our social studies subjects ranging from the Vikings and the Age of Exploration through the Civil War.  While our 5th graders' academic growth is extensive, they also grow in responsibility through their contributions both inside and outside of our school community.


Year at Glance:

ELA: There are three main areas of focus in the language arts curriculum in 5th grade.  First is the continued development of reading skills while instilling an appreciation for good literature including fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and plays. The second area of focus is the on-going maturation of each student's ability to communicate confidently, effectively, and creatively in all verbal and written communications. The third focus is the integration the use of language arts skills into all other subject areas. Students learn to identify figures of speech used in each novel and short story that is read.  Exercises designed to increase understanding of inference, character development, and other critical comprehension reading skills are an integral part of the program. These exercises encourage students to become more thoughtful readers and to utilize higher level thinking.  Each student is encouraged to be creative in their mode of expression by using various methods of presentation to show their comprehension of the story. Students develop their ability to write for an audience by using sophisticated vocabulary, descriptive language, and figures of speech. All steps of the writing process are learned and practiced with an emphasis on revising and proofreading.  Students learn to use unified paragraphs to compose essays and creative short stories on a variety of topics. These essays, stories and skits are often connected to history, social studies, or other language arts topics.

Fifth grade uses the Fountas & Pinnell literacy program designed to support whole-group, small-group and independent learning opportunities including: interactive read-aloud; reading mini-lessons; writing mini-lessons; shared reading; phonics, spelling, and word study; guided reading; book clubs; and independent reading collections.  Fountas & Pinnell Classroom™ is rich with authentic texts, lessons or conferring cards, minilessons and professional learning tools for a systematic, transformative approach to literacy instruction.

Math: The Meadowbrook School uses the GoMath series Kindergarten through Sixth Grade. 5th grade math builds on the students' skills learned in previous years moving onto higher level concepts and computational proficiency. We strive to develop a strong understanding of mathematics and its uses in everyday life.  Considerable emphasis is placed on various methods of problem-solving while expanding conceptual understanding.

Social Studies: The 5th grade social studies curriculum explores our country's history from the first explorers to its survival as an indivisible nation after the Civil War. Through this study, children develop an understanding of and appreciation for the uniqueness of our country and the different ideas and cultures that shaped it. By connecting our knowledge of historical events and people to the present, we give our students an understanding of their future responsibilities as citizens.


Traditions & Special Events:

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