World Languages

Bienvenue á l'École Meadowbrook
¡Bienvenidos a la escuela Meadowbrook!
At Meadowbrook, we begin studying World Languages in our Early Childhood Education program and continue through 6th grade.  We believe that second language acquisition should begin at the earliest age possible when the young child's speech organs are flexible, the mind is uninhibited and imitation happens readily.


This study is designed to underscore a variety of important lessons:
  • To reinforce an understanding of our role in our global society and also the need for tolerance and understanding of others.
  • To broaden horizons and open doors to a world of new experiences and opportunities.
  • To offer the chance to communicate with people around the world and here in our local community as well as learn about other cultures.
  • To develop self-confidence while engaging others in our global community.
At The Meadowbrook School, the World Language program is a cultural adventure in which strong language skills; including listening, speaking, reading, and writing are developed through age-appropriate activities.  The overarching goal of the program is to instill a life-long love of foreign language and an early exposure that is proven to strengthen language proficiency in the future


Lower School Spanish Language Instruction:

Our Early Childhood Education program through second receives Spanish language instruction.  Our young learners develop a solid foundation in the Spanish language through a sequential immersive program.  When foreign language is introduced at an early age, the children are able to absorb the second language effortlessly and imitate the speech sounds while developing accurate pronunciation. 

Third and Fourth Grade - Introduction to French:

At this level, a second foreign language is introduced and the students meet twice a week to learn Spanish as well as French.  A thematic approach allows for the children to review and grow their skills in Spanish and learn French while making numerous cross-disciplinary connections.  There is a strong focus on communication and role-play imitating real-world situations. 

Fifth and Sixth Grade:

At this level, the students meet three times a week to learn Spanish, French, and International Studies.  The students are provided with the necessary foundation for the continued study of Spanish and French.  They are presented with the basic structure and grammar of the languages and conversational skills needed for everyday situations.  In International Studies, the students become familiar with the geography of the Spanish and French-speaking world and explore it through many cultural activities.