The Meadowbrook School Science program is designed to help develop students' innate curiosity about their world, acquire scientific knowledge, obtain scientific habits of mind, and to help students develop a positive attitude toward science.

In 2011, Meadowbrook introduced Engineering is Elementary (EiE) into its curriculum.  The EiE projects are designed for first through sixth grades and foster engineering and technological literacy. Using science and math content learned in class during a unit of study, the students apply the engineering process to solve a related open-ended problem.  Students use inquiry-based problem-solving skills and tap into their creativity as they design, create, test, and improve hands-on challenges.

The science program broadens students' skills for investigating the world, solving problems, and making decisions. Students develop an awareness of being an integral part of nature. They learn to respect the earth and its communities and make a commitment to preserving life on earth. The students develop specific scientific skills through observation, measurement, collection, categorization, recording, interpreting data and drawing conclusions.

Activities, experiments, demonstrations, reading, current events, observations and interactions with the materials and artifacts help explore the themes and concepts. Students use the 14 acres of school property as part of the program for field experiments. The science curriculum is also connected with other subject areas such as social studies, math and language arts.


Special Events:

Spring Science Expo: Preschool through 6th grade

Grade/curriculum specific field trips

Garden-to-table Nutrition Program

DARE Program through Abington Police Department

Summer Science Camp