Physical Education & Athletics

The Physical Education (PE) program at Meadowbrook has a motto:

Get Strong. Have Fun. Try Everything. Support Everyone.

To this end, we cover a vast array of sports, games, exercises and activities to foster a love of fitness and athletics.

Each grade level enjoys classic sports-focused units based on the season (soccer/golf in fall, basketball/volleyball in winter, tennis/softball in spring, to name just a few), as well as age-appropriate introductory lessons in emerging sports (lacrosse, ultimate frisbee, disc golf, etc.).

Interspersed between sports units are large-scale tag/invasion games (like Capture the Flag); cooperative activities (parachute, obstacle relays, and team challenges); strength training (calisthenics, running, yoga, dance, gymnastics, etc.); and special-guest visits (such as Metropolitan Ballet Company, Zero Gravity Jump Rope, and the Philadelphia Spin Coalition).

The emphasis is always on learning skills, developing new talents, and encouraging fellow students. That said, there are also more competitive schoolwide events revolving around Meadowbrook’s Red Team and Gray Team, such as our Red-Gray Soccer Games in the fall and our capstone Field Day at the end of the year.

Other PE traditions include annual field trips for ice skating and indoor rock climbing. We also offer interscholastic athletic programs through our 5th/6th-grade Soccer, Basketball and Softball teams that play against local private schools. Afterschool PE clubs for all ages have included Karate Club, Capoeira Club, and Juggling Club. 

Additionally, Meadowbrook families have the opportunity to participate in optional “PE Enrichment” weekend events like our popular Bike Riding Workshop, Archery, Skiing, and Parkour. For those families looking for community-building adult activities, Meadowbrook’s “PE for Parents” program has weekly pick-up basketball on Tuesday nights and monthly volleyball games. There’s fun and movement for everyone!