Early Childhood & Kindergarten

We believe that the Early Childhood Education and Kindergarten programs are our stepping stones to a successful elementary experience.  We strive to help each child develop positive attitudes towards school, learning, and self. We encourage and support each child's imagination and curiosity through the use of poetry journals, class books, show and tell, and creative play. Our older buddy/younger buddy programs are a great support system for the children, communicating caring and sharing across the grades. The primary emphasis of our Early Childhood Education and Kindergarten programs is to expose children to a nurturing yet academically structured environment that introduces students to school through a developmentally appropriate program. Special activities include: 

  • Very Special Me, a sharing of each child’s interests and family
  • Visiting a working dairy farm and a pumpkin patch
  • A year-end play, complete with songs, dialog, and handmade scenery for parents and friends

Other aspects of Meadowbrook's Early Childhood Education and Kindergarten programs include:

  • Language Arts:  Students are encouraged to create through imagination and write through the use of sight, phonics, and practice. Reciting poetry to each other and in school assemblies is a key part of our program. Self-expression is encouraged and speaking with self-confidence is stressed.
  • Math:  The math program enables each child to grow an understanding of basic mathematical concepts, use mathematical terms in conversation, and develop an awareness of math in everyday life.
  • Social Studies:  The social studies program helps each child gain an increased understanding and respect for one another, expand their knowledge of the world, and help each child recognize and appreciate the similarities and differences among individuals.
  • Art:  Each child is encouraged to experiment with different art media and to develop the ability to be imaginative, creative, and independent.
  • Science:  The curriculum includes a balance of life science, earth science and physical science topics. Students often work with a partner or in cooperative learning groups to socially construct knowledge.
  • World Language:  Students experience French and Spanish twice a week. The primary objective is to make language acquisition a fun and enjoyable experience by learning greetings, numbers, colors, animals, body parts, family members, clothes, and food by engaging in nursery rhymes, songs, and games in both languages.
  • Community Service:  Community service is an integral part of our philosophy and curriculum. In kindergarten we collect canned goods for donation, visit a nearby assisted living community to sing and interact with the residents, and send notes and pictures to the Veteran's Hospital.