Why Meadowbrook

Why Meadowbrook?You think your child is someone special … so do we!

As a parent, you want the very best elementary school education for your child. It is important to you… and to us. If you are considering or already decided in favor of an independent school, there are a number of quality independent schools in the area. The question is…how do you pick the right one?

We want to make the decision easier for you. Yes, there are excellent K-12 independent school choices in the area. However, none are exclusively focused on elementary education – on teaching young children in the early years like Meadowbrook.

Did you attend the same school from when you were 5 to 18 years old?

While it may be more convenient to enroll your child just once, is it really better for your child to be in a larger, less personal school that is ultimately focused on preparing high school students for college? Meadowbrook is uniquely focused on one thing and one thing only – early childhood and elementary education.

Knowledge and the foundation for all future learning begin with elementary education.

There are less than a dozen independent schools in the greater Delaware Valley that are focused exclusively on elementary education. Within this small group – Meadowbrook stands out as having the most comprehensive and robust program that includes a tremendous art program, music, and interscholastic athletics.

We create an environment where learning is personal – where each young learner develops personal self-confidence while learning leadership and individual responsibility in ways no K-12 school can provide.

If you want an elementary school with a dynamic academic program, a diverse student body and a personal, family feel, then Meadowbrook is the perfect choice.