Hawk Challenge 2020 # 1 May 12, 2020 (The One Where You Were in Quarantine)

What could a Hawk Challenge mean? When students logged into Canvas on Tuesday, May 12, they didn't find their usual classwork assignments. They had different activities to do that day! Students could pick any 3 challenges to do, either alone or with their siblings, and were asked to send in a photo of their creations or activities. Anyone who sent in their pictures would receive a special prize. Challenge Activities:

1. Build a reading nook fort and read for a half-hour or more.

2. Build a tower that is taller than you are.

3. Create and use a secret code.

4. Create a device that warns you when someone opens the kitchen cabinet. 

5. Imagine, create, and fly a flag that tells the world about you.

6. Create a bug box and go outside and collect bugs.

7. Make a new recipe.

8. Create a new animal by blending parts of other animals.
Draw a picture of your new animal and give it a name. Remember to take a picture of your crazy animal.