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Thank you for your Support!

We are so grateful to everyone who came out last Saturday night to Hill Valley! The 2017 Auction, Give Back to Their Future was a HUGE success. We raised over $110,000!
Special thanks to:

The Board of Trustees of the Meadowbroook School

Five Star Staffing
Burke, Lawton, Brewer & Burke
Auction Committee
Colleen Bernert
James & Sibyl Bryant 
Julie DePhillips
Carol Gross
Terri Johnson
Alicia Kent
Aimee Kretschman
Cathy Langlois
Kelly and Jim Mosteller
Karin Pitcairn
Lea Rahman
Cindy Seeberger
Tamecia Williams
Barbara Yorke
Becky Blumenthal
Mary Sawyer
Joyce Strother
Pat Carey
Lisa Dougherty
Alice Dougherty, Desserts
Erica Sweigard, Desserts
Sharon Feiner
Joe Gaines
Joe Sabach
Charlie Sabach 
Maddie Richardson 
Doron Zhall
DJ - Owen Rahman
All of our Parent Volunteers
& The Morning After Cleanup Crew: Matt Cohen, Frank Blumenthal, Jeff Franz, Mark Dougherty, Peter Dougherty, Brian Brogan and the entire Haugen family - Clifford W. and Marie, Clifford and Kristen and Clifford M. and Aunt Judy. 

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