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What are the camp dates for the 2020 Season?

  • July 6th through August 21st


Where is the camp located?

  • Meadowbrook Summer Camp is located at 1641 Hampton Rd, Meadowbrook, PA 19001
What summer programs do you offer?


  • 2 consecutive weeks of Drama Camp - July 13th-17th & July 20th-24th
  • Dash & Dot Camp - August 17th through August 21st
  • Writing Camp - July 27th-31st - Themed, The Wonders of Nature
  • Little Adventurers Camp - July 6th - August 14th
What are Summer Camp Hours?


  • Drama Camp - 9 am - 1 pm
  • Dash & Dot Camp -9:30 am to 12:30 pm
  • Writing Camp - 9 am  to 3 pm
  • Little Adventurers - 9 am to 3 pm 
What are the ages for each summer camp?


  • Drama Camp - Open to students in 4th grade through 6th grade
  • Writing and Hiking Camp - Open to 1st through 6th grade
  • Little Adventurers - Open to Preschoolers through Kindergarten Ages 3-6
  • Dash & Dot Camp - Open to students in 1st grade through 6th grade
Do you accommodate children with special needs?

If your camper has special medical needs, please contact our office prior to enrollment to see if Camp Meadowbrook would be a good fit for your camper.

What are Camp Meadowbrook's Health Measures to prevent Covid-19 transmission?

The Meadowbrook School has implemented measures that promote healthy hygiene and reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

  • Campers will be distanced at least 6’ from one another throughout the camp day as often as possible.  Outdoor activities will be prioritized where physical distancing can be maintained as much as possible.  While indoors, campers will have assigned seating at least 6’ apart.

  • Camp staff will teach and reinforce proper hand-washing techniques. Hand sanitizer will be available at times when soap and water are not readily available. 

  • Signs that promote protective measures describe how to stop the spread of germs, demonstrate proper hand-washing, and demonstrate proper mask/face shield use will be posted throughout the facilities.  Camp staff will demonstrate healthy hygiene practices on the first day of camp.  Camp staff will remind campers of these practices throughout the duration of the program.

Will you conduct screening?

Camp Meadowbrook has implemented initial screening strategies in an effort to limit the transmission of COVID-19.  Administrative staff will perform screening of camp staff upon arrival to determine if individuals are permitted to enter camp. Staff who do not pass the initial screening will not be permitted to enter camp. Administrative staff will perform screening of campers upon arrival to determine if individuals are permitted to enter camp. 

Campers and employees will be screened via a questionnaire asking about the following:

  • Presentation of COVID-19 symptoms in the past 14 days 

  • Positive COVID-19 test in the past 14 days and/or 

  • Close contact with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 case in past 14 days 

  • Temperatures will be taken upon arrival to camp of campers and employees (If a camper or employee has a fever, they must return back home)

Screening of campers includes:

  • a health screening questionnaire with parent/guardian,  

  • a temperature screening with the use of a non-contact thermometer,  

  • a signs and symptoms check 

Will Camp Counselors wear masks?

All Camp Meadowbrook staff are required to wear a cloth face mask throughout the duration of the day.


Do children have to wear face masks?

Campers (particularly older campers) must wear a face mask when social distancing is difficult. Activities indoors will require campers to wear masks.


What is your procedure for notice of a confirmed case of COVID-19?

Camp Meadowbrook has implemented the Township of Abington’s protocol in the event of a confirmed case of COVID-19 within the camp program.  In the event of a confirmed case of COVID-19, Camp Meadowbrook is required to shut down and halt in-person operations for 14 days.  Summer Camp programming will be canceled and pro-rated or refunded.  Camp Administrative staff will begin contact tracing to inform parents/guardians of potential contact with the confirmed individual.  In order to maintain confidentiality, the name and any potentially identifying information of the confirmed individual will not be provided.  We will contact the Township of Abington Emergency Management Coordinator who will inform local health officials and follow contact tracing guidelines.  Facilities will be cleaned and disinfected after 24-hours.  Staff will stay home and self-monitor for symptoms for 14 days.


What are your drop-off & pick-up procedures?

Drop Off & Pick Up

Morning Drop Off: Camp starts at 9 am. There will be camp personnel directing traffic. Drivers must stay in their car, a Counselor will assist your child out of the car to their group’s waiting area. Areas on our property will be clearly marked with Speciality Camp names. Counselors will supply hand sanitizer to each camper and walk their camper or group to their camp room. After 9:15, parents should call the camp hotline from the car and someone will assist. 

Afternoon Pick Up: Prior to being brought out of the building, campers will wash their hands and have backpacks disinfected. Campers must be picked up in the front of the building at 3 pm. A counselor will walk your child to the car. 


In an effort to minimize contact, we recommend that the same person drop off and pick up their child on a daily basis. Please notify the camp staff prior to arrival if somebody different will be picking up your child.  You may send an email to or call 215-408-8425.


How do I submit my payment for camp?

  • Pay online with a debit/credit card when you complete the online registration. 
  • Please note: Payment for Specialty Camps with limited space must be paid within 3 days of registration in order to reserve your spot.
When is full payment for camp due?

Full payment for camps are due by  July 1, 2020, however, the Specialty Camps with limited registration must be paid for within 3 days of registration.

Can I cancel my registration?

There are no refunds after the start of camp. If a camper must leave due to illness and cannot return, a written refund request must be accompanied by a physician’s statement. Upon receipt of such a request, a prorated portion of your payment may be refunded.

Who should I contact with payment or financial questions?

Please contact Heather Sowden in the Business Office at 215-884-3238 extension 108 or

Do you offer any discounts?

  • There is a $25 referral discount for any family that you refer to Little Adventurers Camp. The family must register and pay for at least 1 week of full-time camp.
  • We also offer a 10% sibling discount for Little Adventurers Camp.
What is your Counselor to Camper ratio?

The Camp counselor ratio to campers is 1:4

Do you offer early arrival or extended day hours?

Unfortunately, this year there will be no extended morning or afternoon care.

What is Camp Meadowbrook’s trip program?

Unfortunately, this year there will be no field trips.

When will I receive information regarding the camp I registered for?

Once you have registered for a Specialty Camp or Little Adventurers, you will receive camp information via the email address provided during registration. 

What is your camp’s sick policy?

Camp Meadowbrook will determine if a camper is too sick to stay at camp, and will call the parent/guardian to come to pick up their sick child if needed. If a camper shows symptoms of COVID-19 while in our care, we will move the camper into quarantine with appropriate supervision and contact the parents. All parents of campers within that group will be notified.

In the event that a parent/guardian of a camper must be isolated because they have tested positive for COVID-19, the parent/guardian cannot enter the campus for any reason during the quarantine period. As a “close contact”, the camper must not return to the camp for the duration of the quarantine. If a camper becomes symptomatic for COVID-19 or tests positive, the child may not return to camp.  


What if my child misses a day of camp?

If your child is absent on a day when he or she is scheduled to attend camp, please email by 8:00 am to let us know. Please note that the camp fee for the day is non-refundable and based on scheduled attendance.

Are lunch and snacks provided?

Campers are responsible for bringing lunch. We are a nut-free camp, no tree nuts, peanuts or other nuts can be brought to camp at any time. Please do not send sugary juice or flavored water to camp. Campers must arrive at camp each day with a filled water bottle (preferably a 32 oz bottle). In an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19, prepackaged snacks will be provided. Campers are encouraged to bring their own snacks.


What type of snacks will be provided?

We are a nut-free camp; therefore, no tree nuts, peanuts or other nuts will be served to campers at any time. We will provide healthy, organic prepackaged snacks.