Upcoming POM Events

Volunteering is a great way to play an important role in supporting Meadowbrook, connect with other parents, and make new friends. We always need and welcome your support!

Please let anyone on the Executive Committee know if you can help with the following events that make Meadowbrook so special:

KidStuff Coupon Book Sale - Chair: Cindy Seberger

Scholastic Book Fair- Chair: Gretchen Jackson, September 19-23

Potluck Dinner - Chair: Cindy Seeberger & Julie DePhillips, September 30th

Wrapping Paper Sale - Chair: Lea Rahman

Fall Festival - Chair: Adrienne Fletcher, October 22 12:00 - 2:00

Blood Drive - Chair: Isabela Filip, October 25th 1:30-6:30 

Chess Tournament - Contact: Janice Mockaitis, November 5th

Thanksgiving Pie Sale - Chair: Jennifer DeMasi

Men of Meadowbrook Breakfast - Chair: Brian Brogan, December 3rd

Bingo Night - Co-chairs: Maureen Moyer & Colleen Perkins, January 27th

Scholastic Book Fair - Chair: Open, February 21-24

Family Reading Night/Milk & Cookies - Chair: Karin Pitcairn & Erica Sweigard, February 26th

Science Expo - Co-chairs: Open

Meadowbrook Community Run - 5k Run and 2-mile walk Co-Chairs: Adrienne Fletcher & Karin Pitcairn

Grub Burger Night - Chair: Karin Pitcairn

POM Luncheon - Chair: Alicia Kent

Teacher/Staff Appreciation Luncheon - Co-chairs: Terri & Chandler Johnson