Scholastic Book Fair 2017

All parents are welcome to the Scholastic Book Fair!

Here is the schedule beginning September 26, 2017. Parents, please coordinate with Lea Rahman if you can volunteer.

PreS Mrs. Link Tuesday 10:45-11:15

PreK Mrs. Stout Thursday 9:30-10:00

K Mrs. Cohen Thursday 10:45-11:15

1st Mrs. VanBuren Tuesday 12:45-1:15

1st Mrs. Trost Tuesday 1:15-1:45

2nd Mrs. Mosteller Wednesday 1:30-2:00

3rd Mrs. Langlois Wednesday 9:30-10:00

4th Mrs. Mercer Thursday 2:15-2:45

5th Ms. Provost Tuesday 2:00-2:30

6th Mr. Gaines Wednesday 12:45-1:15


The Book Fair will be held in the Gym Lobby


Your child should bring money to purchase books on the day scheduled for their class visit to
the fair. Cash, checks made payable to POM, and credit cards are acceptable methods of
payment. Please make your wishes known concerning how much money your child may spend.
We will fill in a blank check and we will send change home in a secure manner. We will hold
one or two books for your student if money is forgotten, but please make every effort to have
your child prepared to pay OR for you to visit the fair with your child, especially if you have
younger students.
PLEASE NOTE WE DO CHARGE SALES TAX! In determining how much money to send with
your child, keep in mind that the price of paperback children’s books range from $7 to $12.
Hardcover books average $20.


We will have a selection of books that we would like to have donated to the library. Donation
books are acknowledged with a bookplate and your child is given the opportunity to be the first
child to borrow the book once it is processed.


If you can volunteer some time to help, please contact Lea Rahman at