The Dining Commons

DSC 29791652018Bryant SandersBryant SandersBarbeque Chicken and Mashed Potatoes….“Brendan, would you like some more?”

Lunchtime at Meadowbrook is not just another school lunch… it is a daily experience that builds friendships and a sense of belonging. No impersonal lunch lines here – no trays to be carried while looking for a seat.

One of the most enduring traditions at Meadowbrook is lunchtime in the Dining Commons. Each day students and faculty sit together in mixed grade groups to share a warm freshly prepared lunch served “family style” to each table by 5th and 6th grade servers.

5th and 6th graders help younger students every day…

…a ladle of soup… an extra serving… a dessert.

Friendship – comradery – a sense of responsibility and service…
…a community coming together each day and sharing

This is what makes lunchtime at Meadowbrook something unique and very special.