A Special Place

annaprekWow!... doesn’t it happen so fast?

One minute she was just learning to walk, and then you turn around and there she is, a 5th grader, running the anchor leg in the relay race in the annual school Field Day. And she is the fastest one out there!

Wasn’t it just yesterday he was first learning to talk? Now look at him - proudly standing in front of the whole school, giving the commencement speech on Graduation Day. So poised… so confident. You are so full of love and pride, you feel like your heart is going to burst!

Remember when she could barely hold a crayon? Now look at that beautiful piece of artwork she created in 4th grade! Who knew she had such a wonderful talent? Is she going to be an artist when she grows up?

Our children grow so fast. All too quickly they are grown and on their way through life.

The Meadowbrook School is a place where young children grow… but not too fast… not too quickly.

Our school is about giving your children - and your family - those opportunities to discover unknown talents… to capture and celebrate together those moments when they will do the most amazing things and accomplish such surprising feats.

Meadowbrook is a special place. We let children be children. There will be plenty of time in middle school and the years beyond to worry about becoming an engineer or journalist… a web designer or an entrepreneur. We want our children to grow and learn who they are first - discovering what they are capable of. To explore… discover… question, and solve. We want them to feel safe to experiment and learn, knowing they will be supported and encouraged every step of the way by people who care. But most of all, we want our children to feel the joyful exuberance of being a kid.

That is what makes Meadowbrook… and the Meadowbrook family… something special.