Centennial Trivia

Welcome to the Centennial Trivia page!
How much do you know about Meadowbrook? 

Here are the answers to our first edition of Centennial Trivia!


old lunch room cafeteria style

When did the current Dining Commons open? Where did the children eat before that and what happened to that area? 

1989—the old kitchen and dining area were converted into classrooms and a hallway and the new Dining Commons opens. The pre-1989 kitchen and dining area are the present 3rd  grade and resource rooms. 

As a side note, Tim Rice '64, has identified the following Meadowbrook students - Tim sitting all the way to the right with his hand at his face. The third boy in line with a tray of food is “Hardy” Littleton ’64 and the boy behind him is “Roddy” Haines ’64.  Sitting at the end of the table in the forefront is Hans Christoph’ 64 and next to him to the right is Phil Rech ’64.

Trivia Bell


The bronze bell that is rung by a selected student to end  each recess was placed and dedicated in what year? Where did that bell come from?

The bronze bell used to signal the end of recess, located in the playground is dated 1816, and was found on a sunken Spanish ship. It was a gift to the class of 1991 and Dr. John Brackin, father of Geordie ‘91, Taylor ’97, and Susanne ‘98.

Trivia front of school

The original entrance to Walker Hall was at the top of the hill above the black top.
What year was that entrance moved?

The porch and stairs from the front of the building were removed and the enclosed area became a classroom in 1952.