We are Lifesavers!

WP_20151027_001Meadowbrook’s annual Red Cross Blood Drive held on Tuesday was a success!

34 units of blood were collected, and each unit has the potential to help three people. Thank you to the faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and friends who gave their time and donated blood so that others might live.

This year’s group of student volunteers was terrific, and they received many compliments from the Red Cross personnel.  Thank you to sixth graders Sam Br., Tana, Laxmi, Kayla, Jacob and to fifth graders Najib and Kristopher for giving their time to work at the blood drive. Thank you to Xiani, Zoe, Sierra, and Sam B. for giving their time to make reminder phone calls.

WP_20151027_003Others deserving a big thank you are students who colored the posters that were used to advertise the blood drive, Mr. Mosteller for setting up the gym and for putting up directional signs, Mrs. Mockaitis for the use of the science room, and Mr. Maloney and Mr. Baldwin for providing dinner for the Red Cross staff. Thank you also to Mrs. Strother for graciously accepting additional students in Extended Day so that their parents could donate blood.

A very special thank you goes out to Terri Johnson for her tireless effort advertising the blood drive and recruiting donors to make this blood drive one of our largest.  Additionally, she provided snacks and a pizza dinner for our student volunteers, and she was a strong presence throughout the day of the blood drive.

WP_20151027_002Once again the Meadowbrook community lead by example and demonstrated our continued commitment to helping others.

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