Top 10 Benefits of a Private Elementary School

“Private schools excel at meeting the individual needs of each child and ensuring progress in both academic and social development. Private schools also provide a robust learning experience that helps parents effectively raise the whole child.”
—Chris McDuffie, M.A., R.R.W
Private School Educational Consultant

According to the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), there are over 2,000 independent schools providing high-quality and individualized education to more than 700,000 students from pre-K through high school. Why do so many parents choose a private or independent school for their child and why do so many discerning parents choose The Meadowbrook School?

1. HIGH ACADEMIC STANDARDS. Independent private schools, like The Meadowbrook School, nurture intellectual curiosity, stimulate personal growth, and encourage critical thinking. A larger percentage of students at independent private schools are enrolled in advanced courses than other schools.

2. SMALL CLASS SIZE. Independent private schools have low student-teacher ratios that encourage close connections with students. The median ratio in NAIS schools in 2011-12 was 8.8 students to 1 teacher (meaning that half have a higher ratio and half have a lower ratio).

3. EXCELLENT TEACHERS. They usually teach in their areas of expertise and are passionate about what they do. With more autonomy within the classroom, teachers are able to develop a full understanding of how each student learns and what interests and motivates each individually.

4. EDUCATION FOR THE WHOLE CHILD.  Independent private schools nurture not just students’ intellectual ability and curiosity but also their personal and social growth and civic conscience.  Opportunities extend well beyond the classroom to athletic competitions, artistic pursuits, and school leadership experiences.

5.  INDIVIDUALIZED ATTENTION.  With smaller classes and a focus on the development of the whole child, independent private schools deliver more individualized attention to each student.

6.  INCLUSIVENESS.  The Meadowbrook School, like many independent private schools, maintain diverse and vibrant student communities and welcome and respect each family.  In 2010-2011 students of color were 25.9 percent of total independent private school enrollment.

7.  A COMMUNITY OF PARENTS WHO ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE IN THEIR CHILDREN’S EDUCATION.  Independent private schools promote regular communication among students, parents, and teachers to ensure everyone is working toward the same goals for the student.

8.  THE OPPORTUNITY TO CHOOSE A SCHOOL WITH A MISSION.  You can select a school whose philosophy, values, and teaching approach is right for your child.


10.  AND MOST IMPORTANT:  An education that will pay dividends for a lifetime.

14 thoughts on “Top 10 Benefits of a Private Elementary School”

  1. Thank you for your post. This is helpful information. I like that with the smaller class sizes, my child will be given more attention. Providing excellent teachers combined with a high academic standard, will help to ensure that my child gets the best education. I also really like that the school not only intellectual ability, but also on social growth and civic conscience. I think that is vital for today’s youth.

  2. I didn’t know that there are so many benefits for going to a private school. I like the idea of a small class size, so the teacher can help the students more. I will have to look into this when the time comes for my kids to go to school.

  3. I like your advice on how private schools can offer small class sizes. I would imagine that having smaller classes would be really helpful by giving your child more one on one time with the teacher. Our daughter is entering elementary school soon so maybe we should look for a private school for her so she has more time with her teachers.

  4. I was just an ordinary public school kid, so I’ve never really known the difference of private schools. I think smaller classes are so much better than most people think. I went to a university that had smaller classes, and I did so much better, because I had extra help from the professors.

  5. It seems like a great benefit for a private elementary school to set high academic standards. A school like that who has high standards are what my wife and I could probably look into. Mainly because we do want the best for the education of our son.

  6. I think the individualized attention is very important for learning. Not all kids learn and think the same. I want my kid to learn the best way for him. I wouldn’t want him to barely make it by without learning much.

  7. After reading this article I realize that there are a lot more benefits to putting your children into a private school than I had originally thought. I know that a lot of children struggle with how to study and how to be successful so a private school would definitely help with that. I think that if I were to have a child with learning disabilities or learning struggles then I would without hesitation make sure that they attend a private school.

  8. I love how you said that private schools often have students who are taking more advanced courses than public schools. It would make sense to me that the same could be said of Christian elementary schools. There would probably be a bit of a different feel to being in the school whether religious or not if it was a private school because there would be a different level of standards.

  9. Private schools seem like a good idea. I like how you said that they are smaller class sizes so kids get more attention. Also, I think it’d be nice to have a school that has religious background.

  10. I sure liked it when you said that private schools allow teachers and students to have better communication because of the idea that they have a smaller class size. My sister needs special attention from her teacher since it is a bit hard for her to understand things immediately. Sending her to a private school might be the best for her. Thank you!

  11. Thanks for talking about the benefits of attending a private elementary school. In my opinion, the biggest benefit is that you get smaller class sizes, so your child gets more attention. My sister is debating on enrolling her daughters in a private kindergarten; I will be sure to share these benefits with her.

  12. I like how you said that religious or private schools have high academic standards. I have been thinking of attending an all girls catholic school. Thank you for the reasons to attend a religious school.

  13. I love what you said about how independent private schools have low student-teacher ratios. I’m putting my son into preschool and want to know the differences between a normal one and a private one. Thank you for the information about how the lower teacher to student ratio will allow the teachers to have closer connections with the students.

  14. I like what you said about private school teachers and how they usually educate in their area of expertise. I think that education is of the utmost importance when it comes to preparing a child for their future. When I have kids, I’ll be sure to keep your advice in mind as I look for the best school out there.

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