Spotlight on Ms. Matregrano

Matregrano spotlight
Welcome Yasin!

The Meadowbrook School is pleased to welcome Ms. Nicole Matregrano as our new librarian. This summer was a big summer for the Matregrano-El Gharib clan! The family relocated from the United Arab Emirates to Collegeville, Pennsylvania. For the past 8 years, Ms. Matregrano has been living in the U.A.E. working as a teacher and Head of Faculty at a local school for Emirati children. This summer was the big move back to Pennsylvania, with her husband and son, Yasin, who also attends the Meadowbrook School, is in Mrs. Langlois and Ms. Betz’ classroom. In between the move from Al Ain, U.A.E., they stopped in Egypt for 3 weeks. There, they visited family, took in the sites, and enjoyed themselves. They always love the yummy Egyptian food like Molokhiya, Ma’amar, and Mashi. They also tried to visit amazing sites in Cairo, and went to the Giza Pyramids and The Sphinx. In Upper Egypt (which is actually in the South), their favorite place to visit was in Aswan and Luxor. These are beautiful villages along the Nile River, from where the Pharaohs lived and ruled. After Egypt, they completed their move to America. Now the family is enjoying the different fall activities, cold weather, and being part of the Meadowbrook family.
Welcome, home!Matregrano Spotlight

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