How does your Garden Grow?

grow a garden

At the Meadowbrook School, our science class answers the age old question, “How does your garden grow?”

“It isn’t with silver bells and cockleshells,” says Janice Mockaitis, Meadowbrook’s science teacher.  Instead, we plant, water, weed, harvest, plant, water, weed, harvest. That has been our pattern in the science garden since last spring. In May, the students planted miniature pumpkins, cucumbers, and sweet potatoes seeds. After caring for the plants until the end of the school year, the plants grew all summer.

garden grow
Miniature Pumpkins

Overflowing with pumpkins and cucumbers, the students enjoyed harvesting the first week of school and learning the health benefits of cucumbers as they tasted them.  We counted, sorted, and watched the green mini

garden grow
Yummy cucumbers!

pumpkins turn orange these past few months. After clearing the garden (except the sweet potatoes,) the students planted spinach and broccoli. Again, after watching the plants grow, the students enjoyed spinach with Ranch Dressing in the science room immediately after picking from the garden. In the next few weeks we will harvest the broccoli and sweet potatoes. There is nothing better than fresh vegetables from garden to table!

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