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Coach Matt: Fitness, Fun, and Fundamentals

In keeping with the new theme of the school year, Attitude of Gratitude, I want to start by saying that I am grateful for the opportunity to teach and mentor the students at the Meadowbrook School.  Here’s a glimpse into what we are currently working on and the philosophy of the Physical Education and Athletic Department.

In our first week of Physical Education, we’ve spent the better part of the first week learning to throw and catch.  Our older grades we used a football and our younger grades a tennis or dodge ball.  So much of learning new sports is overcoming the fear of getting hit with the ball, not knowing the rules, or simply not feeling ‘good enough.’  We will challenge every child to always “Do Your Best and Forget the Rest”, a line we borrowed from a children’s show Paw Patrol.
We’re on a roll in our first week and every student at Meadowbrook has proven that they are capable of learning and playing.  One of the challenges that I have set out for every student is to improve his/her fitness.  Daily, we practice doing correct push-ups, burpees, and stars and will continue to add new calisthenics to keep things fun and interesting.
As a philosophy, we believe in teaching, showing and most importantly learning by doing.  We want kids to learn to “jump in” with a great attitude and try their best.  While asking questions is okay, we believe in teaching the importance of sharpening our listening skills as a group so that every drill doesn’t need 1:1 instruction.  The research has proven that learning happens the best through repetition and competition.  And ultimately, it’s more fun to play games, and fun is Rule #1.
As Athletic Director, We challenged each and every player and every about getting better every day.  Creating the mindset of improving oneself to help the team improve.  Each player committed to at least 30 minutes per day of self-improvement. For 4th-6th Grade Students There is still time to enroll in our after-school sports programs on Monday and Wednesday.  This is a great way to master teamwork and represent the Meadowbrook School.  If not yet enrolled, and interested, please fill out the permission slip online.
Parents, thank you for the opportunity to partner with you and your family to challenge your Meadowbrook student to become the best person and athlete that they can be.  I look forward to meeting you over the next several weeks.
Building Confident Kids,

Coach Matt