apple-festival-2016nadiaMarketing 101…in Second Grade!!
by Nadia Russell and company

WANTED: Experienced, business-savvy entrepreneurs with an eye for product development and marketing for exceptional opportunity to raise our company to the next level. Requires completion of first grade, familiarity with apples, and a team-focused strategy. Ability to raise more than $400 in two hours is highly desired.

If your child was a second grader at The Meadowbrook School any time in the recent 25+ years, he/she is qualified for this exciting job opportunity. Last week, seventeen 7 and 8 year olds put their minds together to create a new business called the Apple Festival. They did an apple tasting a couple weeks ago and then they did apple pie graphs to graph the results of their apple tasting. In their apple tasting, they found that Honeycrisp was the top scoring apple, with 8 votes. Fuji got 5, Granny Smith got 5, Red Delicious got 2, Golden Delicious got 0, and Gala got 0. Then the group did some research by visiting Styer Orchard, where they learned how apples get picked and that there are many different bins you can use to collect them. They used their marketing research to pick their own apples, choosing the most popular varieties to take home for product development. In a high power business meeting, the students brainstormed product ideas, deciding that past Festivals showed preference for apple cupcakes, candy and caramel apples, and apple cider. Each student worked with an adult to develop an apple product which they planned to sell at the Apple Festival on November 4, 2016. They learned to count money and make change for customers, priced their own products, and enlisted Moms, Dads, Grandmoms, and teachers as sales assistants for their product fair.

Here’s where the marketing came into play. They advertised the Festival by making posters in Computer class and posting them everywhere in the school, making T-shirts and a Festival tablecloth in Art class and performing in Assembly to get students excited about the big event. They learned apple songs in music and even performed an apple song in Spanish and an apple poem in French. It was a highly successful marketing campaign, and even more importantly, it was very fun!

The big day arrived! Products and baskets for money collection were set out on tables, vendors wore their Apple Festival T-shirts and excitedly waited for their first customers. The fourth grade arrived, money in hands to have the opportunity to select apple products and interact with the vendors and their sales associates. In just two hours, the ambitious entrepreneurs processed 104 customers, sending them on their school day full of apple happiness. Customers reported that they “loved all the hard work the second graders put into the Apple Festival”, and nominated apple muffins and mini candy apples as great products. The group raised more than $400 from their efforts, a huge success for their very first start-up company.

The Apple Festival is a striking example of the Meadowbrook focus on problem-based learning that teaches educational basics in math, writing, art, language, science, and technology while providing students with real world experience they will use throughout their lives. Particularly impressive is the cross-curricular collaboration among the Meadowbrook teachers, a commitment and emphasis that provides an integrated learning experience that the students remember forever.

If you’re looking for enthusiastic, hardworking, “commericialling”, creative, fun marketers and business leaders, you only have to make sure your new employees attended the Meadowbrook School!

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Fourth Grade Makerspace

fourth graders in the makerspace
Fourth graders in the makerspace

Four years ago, fourth grade started an in-class project that brought our Geography studies to life. During those first three years, we developed Secret Island Maps (SIMs) onto poster board. We utilized geography features that included the map legend, compass rose, map scale, natural and man-made features.

This year, along with the magnificent help of Mrs. Becky Blumenthal and her Makerspace, we are able to create our SIMs projects in a three-dimensional format. We are using recycled materials and different odds & ends that will help the students design their islands.

The students this year are extremely excited and busy creating their islands in groups of two or three. Visit our website to see more pictures.

The Meadowbrook School is proud to have introduced a makerspace to the community this year.  Makerspaces are basically community centers with tools. We plan on growing our makerspace to combine manufacturing equipment, community, and education for the purposes of enabling Meadowbrook students to design, prototype and create works that wouldn’t be possible to create with the resources available to students working alone.  With the right tools and encouragement our students will be on the forefront of this new phenomenon. Check back frequently to see what our students can do!

Meadowbrook Chess Tournament

chess-tournament-imageCongratulations to the students who participated in The Tenth Philadelphia Metropolitan Chess Tournament held at Meadowbrook School last Saturday, November 5th. Hutch Loney, Emily Kent, Nelson Cordon, Seamus Brogan, and Logan Kiefaber  competed against other students from New Jersey, Philadelphia, and surrounding area schools. The 121 players, ranging from Kindergarten through High School, followed the specific regulations of the United States Chess Federation. As each student played 5 games of chess with different opponents, hard work and concentration were key elements of the day. Congratulations Team Meadowbrook!  We were especially proud of  Victor Kasian Class of’16 who won first place for 7th grade!

More pictures can be found HERE!

Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Mercer

britmercerMrs. Brittany Mercer

Fourth Grade Teacher

1. What is one item on your bucket list?

Travel to the Philippines to visit my husband’s family

2. What book are you currently reading?

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

3. Who is your mentor? Why?

My mom because she is the strongest person I know and my best friend.

.4. What would your superpower be? 

Being able to fly so I can get to work faster and be able to visit more places in the world

5. Where is the best place you have traveled to and why?

Maui for our honeymoon.

6. If you could do any job for just one day what would it be?

Perform in a Broadway show

7. Tell us something that might surprise us about you.

I used to sing in a jazz band.

8. What is your favorite thing about Meadowbrook?

The Thanksgiving feast where we truly come together and are thankful for everything we have at our wonderful school and in our individual lives.

Presidential Wax Museum

georgewashingtonIn honor of our national election and all of our country’s presidents, the 5th graders at the Meadowbrook School have beeabrahamlincolnn studying the US presidents. During assembly on Monday, November 7, 2016 from 8:45 to 9:30 am, each 5th grader “became” the president that they have studied for the past month and while the other students, parents and friends, “toured the Wax Museum” the “presidents”  came to life and share with the visitors the knowledge they have learned. Various presidents from George Washington to Barack Obama will explain what made them the men they were and what amazing events took place during their presidencies. At Meadowbrook, our integrated curriculum allows for a hands on experience. The students study the presidents in their social studies class, research in technology and write their presentation in language arts. This year, the students “minted” special coins honoring their presidency in our new maker space. The Wax Museum presents a special opportunity for all our students to participate in the upcoming election and aids in building confidence for our students as they present to others.