Full Circle by Jillian Katona, Meadowbrook School Art Teacher

 From the time my son Roman, class of 2014,  started at Meadowbrook he would always get out of my car and run to the front door. When Mr. Weldon started working at Meadowbrook he would stand outside to greet the kids. Whenever Roman would come running by he would say “Way to go, Speedy!” Recently Roman told me that even on days he didn’t feel like running to the front doors, he would still sprint just to hear Mr. Weldon call him speedy!
Yesterday Roman had his final track meet which was the district championship including Central Bucks, Council Rock, and Centennial. He ended the season undefeated in the 4×1, the 200 and the 100. He also set a new district record for the 100.
Roman thinks of Mr. Weldon as his first track coach and Mr. Casey as his second. He was in colors from K-4 through 6th grade. Had it not been for colors he might not have known how fast he was or he may not have had the interest in track.
THANK YOU to Mr. Weldon and Mr. Casey for their encouragement!
THANK YOU to Mr. Gaines who raced Roman in 6th grade and lost. That was one of Romans’ most memorable moments at Dear Old Meadowbrook!

Meadowbrook Students Perform Community Service

The Meadowbrook School students with Mrs. Kirby, Mr. Gaines and Mrs. Hudson went to Abington Jefferson Hospital on May 25th to deliver “ponchos” to the Older Adult Unit. Each year, as part of Meadowbrook’s Community Service program, the students make fleece pobcho-like blankets. The patients love to receive the blankets and the students love to learn how they help members of our community at large.Community Service_2016

What is the 411 on Field Day?

Field Day Schedule

Students arrive at regular time

8:30 am – 9:00 am – Special Field Day Assembly

9:00 am – 9:30 am – Final Cheer Rehearsals

9:30 am – Field Day begins with the Grande Parade

11:00 am – Field Day concludes with the presentation of The Walker Cup 

Families are welcome to pack their own lunch and enjoy a picnic with friends and family after Field Day. 

That is it! There is NO AFTERNOON BUS SERVICE. If you cannot attend Field Day, you must arrange for your child to get home. THERE IS NO EXTENDED DAY.

Here are some tips for Field Day:

  • All students should come to school wearing their Field Day T-shirt and maroon Meadowbrook athletic shorts.
  • Parking is always at a premium on Field Day. As the spaces by the school and gym begin to reach capacity, additional parking will be made available on the lower field and Hampton Road (school-side only). Please adhere to all parking signs and reserved spaces.
  • Bus service will not be available following the games. Please make sure your child’s classroom teacher is aware of who is permitted to “pick-up” at the conclusion of Field Day. 
What happens if it rains…

Mr. Reardon, Mr. Casey and Mr. Paul will decide if Field Day will take place. You will be notified by our AlertNow system in the morning if the games are cancelled.

  • School will be closed for the day, if the games are cancelled.
  • A rescheduled Field Day will occur on Tuesday, May 31 in the morning.
  • This will be a full day of school and bus service will operate as normal.
  • Families are still invited to come and cheer, but students will return to their classrooms afterward.

Teacher Appreciation Day by Head of School Michael Reardon

In nearly 20 years working with students, I don’t think I have ever been so touched as I was this morning. At the Meadowbrook School Assembly, a 6th grader (whose name I won’t mention, because we live in a technological era when online safety fails to protect us from the evildoers who lurk in our world-wide-web) sang an emotional rendition of, In This Moment – a song written in tribute to teachers by music composer, KC Gan. What I found so remarkable was that this student’s parents both work at Meadowbrook and knew their daughter was performing, yet, still could not hold back their tears. In fact, about 120 children from 3 years of age to 12 looked on in awe as the Shuttleworth Gymnasium transformed into a serene concert hall.

From the first note to the final, “thank you” the audience was completely mesmerized. No longer were kids asking to use the restroom or fidgeting in their seats. Teachers reached for tissues as the student body watched their role models weep all around them. Yes, for about 3 minutes (this sweet, adorable girl – who will remain anonymous) managed to express in a song what every teacher years for…appreciation! Had I heard the lyrics to this piece before, then I might not have been so moved; however, I am grateful this venue was how I was introduced to such inspiration.

I’ll keep this note short and sweet…when a beautiful singing voice is the only sound you hear in a crowded elementary school gym, then you know something magical is happening inside. Later tonight, in front of her classmates, peers, grandparents and other adults, a brave young lady will say thank you to her teachers once again…in a peaceful, delicate, emotional serenade that epitomizes her deep appreciation. We should all be as fortunate as this girl’s parents to have someone say thank you in such a profound and heartfelt manner.

Thank you, K! I share your appreciation with all my colleagues and teachers around the world.



Meadowbromorganok, PA, May 2, 2016— Last Friday, on April 29th, the Meadowbrook School continued its annual tradition of Grandparents and Special Friends’ Day, welcoming their senior guests to visit the school and its 16-acre campus. Each year, the students spend quality time with their grandparents, or special friends, for a day of intergenerational fun in the classroom. Together, they attend morning assembly, participate in classes together, work on creative projects, share healthy snacks, and go to outdoor recess. They also explore special subjects and have opportunities to visit the art studio, world language room, music room, science center, library, and gymnasium. The day ends with presentations prepared by each grade, preschool through sixth, such as students reciting poetry, singing, dancing, and performing skits.

Notes the Head of School at Meadowbrook, Mr. Michael Reardon, “Every year, our students and their grandparents, or special senior friends, look forward to this day. It offers millerthem an extra special time to bond and reflect; and the day connects two generations, young and old, through shared experiences, memories, and stories.”