9th Annual Philadelphia Metropolitan Chess Tournament

CHESSCongratulations to the students who participated in The Ninth Philadelphia Metropolitan Chess Tournament held at Meadowbrook School Saturday, November 14th.  The 6 Meadowbrook School students listed below competed against other students from Philadelphia and surrounding area schools. The 85 players, ranging from Kindergarten through High School, followed the specific regulations of the United States Chess Federation. As each student played 5 games of chess with different opponents, hard work and concentration were key elements of the day. Congratulations Team Meadowbrook!

In order for this event to take place we would like to thank several members of our school community.  Mrs. Grosso and Mrs. DiFelice created new street signs for our new guests to find their way to Meadowbrook School.  We appreciate Mr. Gaines and the 6th grade students for setting up the tables and chairs in the gym on Friday.  It was kind of Victor and Mr. Kasian to help Mr. Lakata set up the entire gym for the event Friday after school.  We thank Mrs. Kiefaber, Mrs. Brogan, Mr. Brogan, Mr. Loney, and Mr. Reeves for helping Saturday to sell the food to our guests.  We appreciate the efforts of Logan Keifaber to help to set up the Dining Commons early Saturday morning. Thank you Mr. Reeves staying after the tournament to help clean the Dining Commons and sweep the floor. After the event, Mr. Mosteller was kind enough to totally reorganize all of the tables and chairs in the storage room.  Mrs. Strother and the students in the Extended Day Program did a beautiful job decorating the Dining Commons with festive fall scenes. Mrs. Katona made sure all of the student’s art work was carefully displayed in the gallery for all of our guests to enjoy.

Now we look forward to continuing to build our chess skills with Chess Club for 3,4,5,6 grade students on Friday afternoons and K, 1, 2, 3 grade students which will start in January on Tuesdays after school.

Way to go Meadowbrook Chess Team!   Mrs. Mockaitis

Meadowbrook School Team

Hutch Loney, grade 1-Trophy for top 1st grader
Seamus Brogan, grade 4-tied top 4th grader
Logan Kiefaber, grade 5
Jacob Feiner, grade 6
Victor Kasian, grade 6
Liam Reeves, grade 6

Men of Meadowbrook Breakfast

pancake-breakfastIt’s that time of year again- the annual Men of Meadowbrook breakfast where a handful of fathers throw down to see who will claim the title of Best Chef! Last year’s competitors were Brian Brogan, Larry Cheifetz, Dan Loney and yours truly. After a heated battle and many full bellies, I was awarded the title of best pancake, thus relegating me to Chairing the event this year.

I would like to extend an invitation to anyone who would like to be involved, either in the preparation for the breakfast or to be one of the competitors on Saturday morning. Here is the timeline:

Friday, December 4th: We need volunteers to meet at the Meadowbrook School to help prep for Saturday’s event. This includes:
· Table/chair set up
· Cooking of bacon, eggs, sausage etc.

· Organizing the coffee, tables and such

· Having a few beers and a great time is a must!

We meet at the school at 6pm and usually go until around 10pm or so. If you can’t stay the whole time don’t worry-we appreciate any help we receive.

Saturday, December 5th: The breakfast starts at 8:30am so we need a handful of people to arrive around 8. This would include the cooks as well so they can set up their griddle’s and do any last minute prep work (It is a BYOG event). The breakfast and clean-up usually runs until about 11am.

Everyone is invited to attend this event (moms, grandparents and friends), so please download and return THIS form to the Main Office by December 1st so that we can plan appropriately for this awesome event.

I hope you can join us. Email me (apitcairn@verizon.net) if you have any questions.

Thank you,
Andrew Pitcairn
Chair, Men of Meadowbrook Breakfast
and Father of Morgan ’20

Learning to Lead

20150928_135955Each day when we play in the classroom of Physical Education, I know there will be a lesson. Maybe it’s for me, the students, or for all of us. We have focused the last few weeks on spacing and sharing through soccer and handball. Spacing and sharing are really important sport concepts that are often difficult to learn, especially for younger players who tend to follow the ball. Your Meadowbrook students are learning how to move without the ball and communicate a ‘give and go’ to help them find success when they play.

Each level, from pre-school on up to six grade, is learning how to work together. Over the past several weeks, we have instituted captains for teams and to lead warm-ups and drills. The students are learning that being a captain doesn’t mean that your job is to tell everyone what to do. Being a captain is about leading by example, listening to others, and showing good sportsmanship when we win or lose.

Sportsmanship is something that we stress daily. Some of the classes are very competitive with one another, and a lot of that is good when channeled. Learning how to deal with those emotions when your team wins or loses is something that we all can attest can be challenging, especially when our point of view tells us that things are not fair. “Life’s not fair, nor are sports” is a good lesson that we preach daily. What we believe and stress is that all we can do is improve ourselves and impact our team in a positive way.

Sports and life will challenge us all each day. Consider talking to your child each day about your own challenges and what you are doing to lead in your own classroom of life. Leading is setting the example for those around us, especially our children who are watching us each day.

Coach Matt
The Meadowbrook School
PE Teacher
Athletic Director

Upcoming Basketball Programs at The Meadowbrook School