marissa2A Letter From the Director of Admissions:  Marissa Rohner

At The Meadowbrook School, students gain the opportunity to learn in 
an environment where they are encouraged to connect with the world around
them, not by reading facts from a textbook, but instead by living out their
As an alumna of the Class of 2004, I have a unique insight as to what it is
to be a student at The Meadowbrook School. It is the experiences I had here
that brought me back as a faculty member. At Meadowbrook, I was offered
the chance to not only gain a valuable education that would carry me
through to college but also to be molded into a confident and resilient
citizen. That is because at Meadowbrook, we aren’t just focused on
academics, but also the ability to live with confidence, integrity, and
kindness, with an emphasis on individuality.
I look forward to meeting your family and telling you more about our
wonderful school. 

Marissa Rohner '04