Variable Tuition 2018-2019


The Meadowbrook School now offers Variable Tuition. This slide scale model (below) helps improve access and affordability for more families. The first step is to apply to Meadowbrook and set-up a time to visit. After your child has been accepted, you should submit your financial information to SSS in order to have a personalized tuition rate determined by Meadowbrook's Finance Committee. You will be offered the variable rate along with a new "continuous" enrollment agreement in order to help you understand your expected financial investment for your child's education at Meadowbrook. This enrollment contract will list the annual tuition for the duration of your child's enrollment at Meadowbrook. Once signed, you will no longer have to apply to SSS &/or sign annual enrollment agreements.*

*In the event you decide to withdraw, the school requires a letter at least 60 days in advance of the upcoming school year to terminate your "continuous" enrollment agreement. All prior balances must be paid in full in order for the school to forward your child's transcript to another institution. 

Early Education (Preschool "3 year olds" - Kindergarten)

$7,500 - $16,500


Lower School (1st grade - 3rd grade)

$10,000 - $21,000


Upper School (4th grade - 6th grade)

$11,000 - $25,000 

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