The Meadowbrook School is grateful to the Pulley family for their support of our ice skating program at the Rink at Old York Road. 

Parents can read more about our program in THIS  letter from Mr. Oser. 


Athletics & Physical Education

The physical education program at Meadowbrook School offers activities that enhance a student's physical, social, intellectual, and emotional maturity. Active participation in movement, sports, and recreational activities aims to instill a sense of accomplishment and appreciation of physical activity that will carry over into later life.

In addition to the two hours each week of physical education classes for most grades, there are other special activities and events that occur throughout the year.   Every Friday afternoon the students in grades three, four, five and six participate in intramural sports events to foster friendly competition and team spirit.  Each fall, the culmination of the soccer unit is two Red-Gray Soccer games played on the school’s athletic fields.  During January and February, all students can participate in the school’s Friday afternoon recreational ice skating activity at a nearby ice rink. Students learn how to skate, to take a risk, or to improve upon existing skating skills.  In addition to the Friday ice skating activity, an after-school intramural sports program is offered to students in 5th and 6th grades during the winter.  Some of the activities are basketball, floor hockey, indoor soccer, and volleyball.


Interscholastic Athletics

Meadowbrook boys and girls in 4th, 5th, and 6th grade have the opportunity to participate in an interscholastic sports program after school hours in the fall and spring. In the fall Meadowbrook fields a soccer team for boys, and a field hockey team for girls. Boy’s baseball and girls softball teams are fielded in the spring.  The Meadowbrook teams compete against teams from other nearby independent schools in friendly, spirited games that provide the opportunity to experience being team member in a supportive setting that is not overly competitive.  These experiences help students learn good sportsmanship and mutual respect regardless whether they win or lose.