Music is a vital part of the life at Meadowbrook School. From classroom activities through musicals, all students receive a well rounded education including music appreciation and performance.

At Meadowbrook School, we believe that each child has some innate talent which must be nurtured, improved upon, and refined. This is done through a variety of activities appropriate to the age of the child.

The Meadowbrook School's music program demonstrates the belief that each child has innate musical ability that must be nurtured, developed, and refined.

In music class, we provide a broad range of experiences in an atmosphere that encourages creative expression and active participation. These activities include playing instruments, singing, creative movement, and music appreciation. Learning to play the recorder is a highlight of third grade. The fourth and fifth grade students play the choir chimes. Every child has the opportunity to perform in a musical each year. The preschool, first to third grades, and the fourth to sixth grades each prepare a musical at different times of the year. In the year 2002-2003, the preschool performed a musical called, "The 4 Seasons".

The first to third grades students performed "That's What Kids Do". The fourth to sixth grade students performed an overview of ancient civilizations in the musical "Dig It". Each performance was a huge success.

Meadowbrook School encourages each child to develop personal talents and music skills by participating in special ensembles for the upper class students. The Meadowbrook Singers is a vocal ensemble which practices after school on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. They perform for the Winter Concert and the Spring Concert and give concerts to the community. They have also performed the national anthem for the Harlem Globetrotters and the Philadelphia Phantoms.

The Meadowbrook Chimes is a select group of students who wish to further their music reading skills. They practice on Monday and Thursday during recess. The Meadowbrook Chimes perform for various school concerts.

From the classroom activities to performance ensembles, music plays an active part in the Meadowbrook School life. We are proud of the emerging talents displayed by our students.


The Meadowbrook School's music program demonstrates the belief that each child has innate musical ability that must be nurtured, developed, and refined. With a spiraling curriculum, each child is exposed to a wide variety of musical experiences to provide the basis for further study and/or enjoyment. There is a commitment to providing appropriate opportunities for growth and challenge to students of all levels of ability. The music curriculum is significant in tech the development of the complete person


  1. Students will be exposed to a broad range of experiences with an atmosphere for creative expression and active participation.
  2. Students will discover the concepts and skills of music necessary for lifelong appreciation and participation.
  3. Students will be able to read and notates music.
  4. Students will develop auditory skills through analysis, identification, and describing music.
  5. Students will develop the ability to sing and play classroom musical instruments.
  6. Students will be acquainted with music of fine quality and timeless value from a broad range of cultures and styles.
  7. Students will acquire the skills to perform as a group as individuals through rehearsal and public performances.