The Meadowbrook School is an independent co-educational school for children from age 3 through 6th grade. Our innovative teaching strategies converge with time-tested approaches to create engaging learning experiences that spark the love of learning.


We understand each child is different.  Our approach fully embraces this understanding to ensure each child gets just the right combination of support and encouragement they need to experience success, grow, and prosper.  We teach our children to think, to explore possibilities, accomplish their goals, and begin to understand their unique interests and capabilities.  Instilling confidence and leadership is a cornerstone of our program.  Our students find their voice and learn to lead with heart by setting and following the examples set by their peers and staff each day.  Our school is about providing a community -- a safe and supportive place where your child will blossom.


Our curriculum not only teaches the traditional “3R’s,” it is designed to teach the whole child and create opportunities for each student to discover who they are while learning about the world around them.  Our program is built in ways that adapt to each child’s individual learning style while providing an excellent foundation for the future.  At every grade level, our curriculum not only teaches the critical core subjects, it also exposes each child to the arts, promotes camaraderie, creates a sense of community, and instills personal confidence.